Austin & Andrew

“Hello, it is so nice to “meet” you! We understand you might be in the process of making some important decisions, so thank you for taking the time to briefly learn a little about us. Having children has always been a dream of ours and we would love to accomplish this through adoption. We are excited to be starting this next chapter of our lives.

We want you to be comfortable by alleviating any uncertainties you may have and would love for you to be a part of your child’s life through open adoption. We believe an open adoption can be incredibly beneficial for all parties involved and are willing to work with you to the extent you feel comfortable. We want your child to understand and appreciate the sacrifice you are making out of love.

We met over four years ago and got married in 2020. Since then, we have been enjoying life and are always continuing to learn from one another. Both of us have similar personalities and are each other’s better halves. We like to think of ourselves as a chill, yet energetic couple that love going to the beach, hanging out with friends and family, playing with our dog, doing arts/crafts, and watching movies. We are always up for new adventures and hope to share those experiences with our future children.

We are ready to become parents and to welcome a child into our loving home and hearts. It is our promise to you that we will always love your child unconditionally and to never shy away from the fact that he or she is adopted. We will make it known that you will always be the first page in their story. We are so excited to hopefully meet you in the future and establish a lifelong connection!


Austin + Andrew

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