Alex & Shannon

Dear Friend,

Hello! Thank you for the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you! We are Alex and Shannon are so excited to begin this journey and to meet you. The information in this profile is about our lives when we were younger, our families, our favorite places and things to do and our lives today. Having been together for nearly 15 years, we are at a point in our life where adding a child to it is our next big step. We are ready to give a little boy or girl unconditional love, endless opportunities, a good home and stability.

We understand that this time in your life is challenging and that you have many decisions to make. As such, we want you to feel as though you are supported during this time and we greatly admire your strength!

We appreciate your time and consideration in reviewing the details of our lives that we have submitted. If you choose to consider us for adoption, please know that we will give this child all the love in the world.

Thank you so much and we hope to be in touch.

Alex and Shannon

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