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Dear Birthparent,

Creating this profile is something we never thought we’d experience in life. We never considered we’d be sitting down and writing to a birthparent. We hope our profile shows you more about us but even more importantly, we hope after all this is said and done, your heart is whole and at peace knowing that whomever you picked, was the right choice for you and your child.
So, here goes. May we present to you, the amazing, goofy, loving family: us.

Our Family:
We met in 2015 and fell madly in love; becoming each other’s best friend. In early 2017, we got married surrounded by all our closest friends and family. In March of 2020, our family grew when we got our adorable puppy, Abby. She helped fill a hole in our family, and constantly has us laughing.
We learned quickly after getting married that we couldn’t have children. Infertility was new to us, and it wasn’t a topic discussed often in our social circles. We were able to try IVF, but after two failed rounds, and lots of doctor visits, our hope and resolve sputtered to a halt. We decided upon adoption. When we made the choice to pursue adoption, it just felt right. We knew this was the path for us. We appreciate the sacrifice you are making so that our dream of having children can come true. Truly, thank you.

Meet Us:
Megan -
Megan grew up in Utah with loving parents – Owen & Pauline, and two older brothers – Toby & Ty. We are a tight-knit family that get together monthly for board game or movie nights. She grew up having a love for strategy and competition through family gaming tournaments.
Growing up Megan always had a love for books and writing. She started writing books and short stories when in 7th grade. Although she loves the creative writing (stories, poems, etc), she also enjoys writing the boring stuff, like instructions and lists. She graduated with a Writing & Rhetoric Studies degree.

Adam -
Adam is the middle child of five. He grew up in rural Utah loving the outdoors. He enjoys mountain biking, hiking and camping. During the summer, you will always find him looking for spots to hike next or where to camp out at. Since we got our puppy, Abby, in 2020, he loves including her on hikes.
Adam also has a hobby for woodworking. He often spends the fall and wintertime out in the garage creating gifts for his friends and family. Adam hopes to one day move out of the garage and into a heated shop where he can have all this tools.

Future Hopes & Dreams:
Although we have a thriving life full of adventure, adding a tiny human to our family is the next great adventure we want to embark on. Our family connections are strong, and we have good friends who will always be there for us. It is a blessing that while writing this, we had to narrow down exactly what pictures and what stories we wanted to share; there are so many good ones.
With your child, we promise to share your story, and your light. We will tell them where they came from, and the amazing gift you granted us.
Thank you for your sacrifice, your choice and your gift. We hope this letter gives you hope that our family is the right choice for you. You have given us hope; and we appreciate you for that.

With hope and love,
Megan & Adam


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