Adam & Carmen


Hello friend,

Thank you for considering adoption. We know that this is a big decision for you and though we could never understand how hard this decision must be, we hope knowing that your child will be loved and cared for deeply brings you peace of mind. We promise to always love and protect our child. We promise to always share who they are and where they came from with them to the best of our abilities. We promise to always honor you and the love you have for them. We know that without you and your selflessness, we wouldn’t have the incredible gift of becoming a family. Please know that even though we have not met, you have been on our minds.

About Us
We have been together for 5 years, but we met for the first time in 2014. We reconnected in 2019. We are huge lovers of music and the arts. We enjoy visiting new cities, spending time outdoors with our pups, and cozy days at home. Our family and friends are very important and involved in our life. We are extremely lucky to have an amazing support system and to be surrounded by so much love. Our home is always filled with music and laughter.

From the beginning of our relationship, we both expressed how important it was for us to start a family one day. Being adopted at birth Carmen has always known that she wanted to adopt. As a transgender woman starting a family has always been important. Adam was immediately on board and has been extremely excited about this journey.

Carmen from Adam’s perspective
I couldn’t imagine a life without Carmen in it, I care about and love her tremendously and there’s a myriad of reason for that. She is a charming, lovely, witty, smart, kind person who leaves an indelible impression on everyone she meets. I love spending time with her, exploring and laughing, and showing her new things. She is constantly curious about the world, and I think that is a sign of true intelligence.

I can’t wait to see her become a mother, I know that’s been her lifelong aspiration and she whole heartedly deserves it. I am excited for us to start our family together and raise an equally wonderful child.

Adam from Carmen’s perspective
From the moment I met Adam I knew that he would be my life partner. Adam is incredibly funny, warm hearted, and loved by everyone that has the pleasure of meeting him. There are so many things that I admire about Adam, his love for his family and friends, his work ethic, his willingness to help anyone with anything, and how incredible of a dog dad he is to our pups!

Adam is the most genuine, kind, and loving person I have ever met, I am so lucky to call him my husband. I’m so excited to watch him become a parent; I know that he is going to be the most incredible dad.

Closing Note
Thank you for taking time to learn more about our family and considering us as your child’s adoptive parents. We would love to have a relationship and will always respect you and what you are comfortable with. We understand the importance of your role and will always support our kiddo in exploring where they came from. You will always be a part of them and a part of our family. We will always encourage our child to be themselves, to live life fearlessly, and to love others. We know that all starts with you, and we promise to see it through.

We are so excited to meet you!
Sending you all our love,
Carmen and Adam


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