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Dear Birth Mom,

This may sound weird, but we have been talking and praying about you for almost a decade. We’ve both been surrounded by the blessing of adoption our whole lives, and we’ve always known we would want to adopt children into our family. We believe that to place a child for adoption is perhaps the hardest and greatest sacrifice a person can make in this life. But more importantly, adoption is an incredible gift for all parties. Thank you for your willingness to make this sacrifice and bless your wonderful child, us, and yourself!
We are a fun-loving and adventurous family. We have some acreage away from the city, which allows us to raise farm animals and grow a variety of foods in our large garden. We love cooking and experimenting with new dishes, discovering new restaurants, playing sports, traveling to new places, and going to the family cabin way up in the mountains. We believe that the key to a good life is to work hard when the work needs done, enjoy every minute we’re blessed to spend together, and to edify others on this journey of life. We’re honored you’re considering placing your baby with our family, and we promise we’ll do everything in our power to provide them with an amazing life.

With Our Deepest Love,
Acen, Larie, Abram, Evelyn and Bowen

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