Taylor & Michael

Dear Birth Parent,

We are Taylor and Michael and we thank you for considering us as potential adoptive parents for your child. We understand this is a big decision and appreciate your time. As a same sex couple, the process of having a child obviously cannot happen naturally. When discussing our options, we were drawn to the idea of offering a loving home to a child who needs one. We hope you enjoy reading more about us and our families.

At our wedding we were surrounded by family and friends. We often travel home to visit and family comes to visit us. We were married in and are very active in our church. We enjoy having a home church and strong sense of community around us and our future child. We have wonderful friends who provide a strong support system and look forward to welcoming a child.

We value family and regularly spend time with them. We spend the holidays with both sides and often host events to bring everyone together. Taylor has a brother and two sisters. His brother has two daughters who love their uncle Tay-Tay. Michael has two brothers and a sister. Michael is very close with his niece and nephew. Michael helped raise his niece and considers her to be one of his best friends. His niece recently had a baby and Michael and Taylor are the godparents. We are close with Michael’s cousins who have six children between them and their spouses. We try to attend as many birthdays and family events as possible. Recently, we went on a beach vacation with Michael’s cousins, their spouses, and children.

We enjoy holidays off work and take those opportunities to travel somewhere new and take in as much adventure as possible. We look forward to having a child to share those experiences with. We both have higher education and look forward to providing a solid education for our child. We are researching daycares in the area and aside from safety and security, an education curriculum is at the top of our list of requirements.

As previously mentioned, we are close with family and friends. We have been around to play the role of uncles and older cousins, but look forward to the new titles of dad. If blessed with the opportunity, both families are eager to welcome another child into their world. Our child will have plenty of kids to play with, and uncles, aunts, and grandparents to spoil them. Taylor is lucky to still have both grandparents living, and Michael has one grandmother living, who are all excited to watch us become parents. Due to us living in a different state from family members, our child will be well traveled and aware of different cultures and environments. We are close with many friends who have kids and are a big part of their lives.

While we do not have human children, we are expert dog dads to our six-year-old Australian Shephard/Border Collie mix, Zeus. Taylor adopted Zeus at six weeks old and Michael joined them right before Zeus’ second birthday. Zeus is prepared to be an excellent big brother. He often travels with us to family’s houses where kids are running around. The kids will also come to our house and Zeus is on guard making sure they run around with him, while also herding them into the den so he can keep a close eye. Zeus is a little spoiled with a bed in the living room, home office and bedroom. He is pretty confident he will have another bed in the nursery when it is finished. He loves to travel with us and has his own backpack for hiking and duffle bag for overnight trips. He is a healthy boy who takes regular trips to the vet and is always up to date on vaccinations. He is also looking forward to showing his new sibling all the tricks he can do. He already has his “big brother” shirt and wears it proudly.

We own our home and are excited to finish the Disney themed nursery. Our home is warm and inviting. There are always festive decorations set up during the holidays. We have a fenced in back yard with space to play and entertain family and friends. Our neighborhood has a clubhouse and pool, dog park, basketball courts, multiple playgrounds and walking trails for families to enjoy. The neighborhood is comprised of other families with children, and they go all out with Halloween and Christmas decorations.

Again, being a same sex couple there is no hiding the fact that our child was brought to us through adoption. We intend to be very open about the process and explain how we were trusted to be their dads. We have completed several hours of adoption training and learned a lot about the benefits of being open with our child about adoption.

About Taylor
Favorite food: Seafood
Favorite vacation: Disney World
Favorite animal: Penguin
Favorite sports team: New Orleans Saints
Personality: Goal driven, confident, happy, friendly, outgoing and helpful
Interests and hobbies: Cheerleading and gymnastics, football, gym, hiking, travel, theme parks, shooting, museums, float trips
Education: Master’s Degree, two Bachelor’s Degrees, and a Professional Certificate

About Michael
Favorite food: Pasta
Favorite vacation: Disney World (but is happy at any theme park)
Favorite animal: Giraffe
Favorite podcasts: Anything true crime
Personality: Happy, friendly, helpful, outgoing introvert and fun
Interests and hobbies: Playing piano, hiking, theme parks, learning about roller coaster design, traveling, museums, reading books
Education: Bachelor’s Degree and a Graduate Banking School Certificate

We admire your courage and strength. Again, we thank you for considering us to become adoptive parents. Becoming parents has always been a dream and if chosen, we thank you for giving us this opportunity. Please rest easy knowing that a child will be welcomed into a loving family who have long awaited their arrival. Since we have started the adoption process, both of our mothers harass us on a daily basis asking when their grandchild will arrive. This child will be so loved, adored, and provided with more than they need.

Thank you,

Taylor and Michael

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