It is an amazing thing to have children…to watch them grow. Some of my favorite moments are when they say something that indicates that they have learned something new. For example, Edward, my 7 year old, told me how he added 11 plus 11. He said he couldn’t add 11 + 11 but he could add 1 + 1 and 1 + 1 again, and we he puts the two numbers together that equals 22. At that moment, my heart swelled with pride and joy. These moments are so cool, to see that my son is growing and learning makes me so happy.

I have given this gift to Matthew’s parents and his entire family. I normally brush off compliments because they make me uncomfortable, but I am very proud of the fact that I did something incredibly selfless for this family. I have given them a lifetime and an eternity of love and joy. I have given them a life of memories with their son and an opportunity to have the family they envision for themselves.

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Adoption can be truly remarkable. It is surely a miracle. To give life to another human being, to give another person the opportunity to experience the love and joy that we are meant to have in this life, it is pure beauty. My kids bring me more joy than anything else. They are tons of work, and I get frustrated at times…and irritated. But there is nothing that brings me greater joy than to just have one of them randomly give me a big squeeze and say, “I love my Mommy soooo much!” They do this-at random times, at least a few times a week…they make my heart melt!

I am confident that Matt’s parents love him just as much as I love his brothers. I am also confident that Matt loves his parents just as much as my boys love me.  Each child is a gift to his or her family. My gift of adoption helped one family find that fulfillment they were searching for. Adoption is a miracle and a grand act of love.

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