Travis & Amy

Dear Birth Parent,

We come to you in love, respect and honesty. In the same manner, we assure you that we’ll raise our child with these key aspects of character: love, respect and honesty. It can’t be emphasized enough that that is our main goal and one in which we make it top priority to teach and show our children.

Therefore, it is upon us to be the best version of ourselves so that we can grow in these character traits. We look forward to meeting you – the strength and courage you show will be the bonds that unite us. We will be on a lifelong journey that takes time and love and we are excited to take that path with you!

We love you and will always love you. Please know, we will keep you in high regard with your child. All your bravery, sacrifice and love you give will be what we all will forever cherish as a family. You have our complete support and constant prayers for your best interests in life now and always.

We welcome every single day of your child’s future so we can do whatever it takes to help this little person be happy, healthy and successful in the best way possible…

Travis and Amy

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