What to look for in an adoption attorney to help with your private adoption plan?

Attorneys can provide support, counsel and legal advice to help with your adoption.  Finding an adoption attorney that understands adoption and adoption law that will have your best interest and future in mind is important.  As you search for help in making an adoption plan, make sure that the adoption professionals truly understand adoption, the importance of the adoption triad, as well as the impact adoption will have in your life now and in the future.

Not only do you need to consider your immediate needs, but you need to plan for your future and what your future may entail following an adoption plan.  ///A (American Academy of Adoption Attorneys) have dedicated a significant amount of time to working with birth parents and adoptive families.  They understand the adoption law in their state and have contacts in the other states.  This group of attorneys is able to advise you of potential issues and risks in your adoption plan and help create a good, solid adoption plan.  Our staff has built solid working relationships with these attorneys and worked 100’s of adoptions together.  If your adoption involves multiple states and interstate paperwork, you will want to have an adoption professional to help navigate this process.

What you as a potential birth parent need to know and do for yourself?

We can help you with informing and educating you about what will most likely happen in your adoption plan before, during and after.  Your needs and the needs of the adoptive parents are important to us!  Our staff has help to complete over a 1000 adoptions and we understand the care, information and support that is needed for you to be happy and plan for a successful future.

  • You deserve the one-on-one attention that our staff can give you.  We focus solely on adoption and we are passionate about helping your experience be the best it can be.
  • Counseling with an adoption counselor is vital to your mental health and well-being.  It is important to counsel with someone who understands adoption and has worked with 100’s of birth parents to help guide and support you the way you deserve.
  • Helping you to select the type of adoption that will be best for you.  Will an open, closed or semi-open adoption be best for you and your future?  Learning about these types of adoptions and having a counselor to help you process what will be best for you is a critical part of your adoption plan.
  • Counseling and support following the placement of your baby should be offered to you as a birth parent.  Knowing that you will have the support and care of adoption professionals following the placement of your baby will give you a peace of mind.
  • Making sure the legal parts of your adoption are all tied up properly.  We work with skilled and knowledgeably attorneys in all states and members of ///A attorneys.  We understand private, agency and direct placement adoptions.
  • Guidance in selecting an adoptive family is essential in finding a family that has a proper home study and clearances to provide a loving home to your child.
  • Building a lasting relationship with your adoptive family that will benefit you and your baby.  We are the experts in creating the bond and relationship that will help you in the future.  We have the time and resources to provide the one-on-one support and guidance.

You deserve the best for you and your baby!

Let our knowledgeable and caring staff help you now.

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