Birth parents Searching for Adoptive Parents

Birth parents are looking for that family that “leaps off the page” for them and moves them deeply.  The family that they can’t get out of their mind.  It is not what the family doesn’t have, but what the family does have.  It is the family that they know in their heart and soul is where their child is meant to be loved, nurtured and grow into a beautiful person.

As birth parents search for their adoptive family, they read and review many adoptive family profiles.  Each birth parent has a set of criteria in their mind for the perfect family for their baby.  This criteria may change a little or may change significantly, looking at the family profiles and searching their heart for the best family.  Birth mom and dad’s that have an adoption counselor to assist them in looking for a family can benefit from the guidance and support in making their way through the numerous waiting families.  Our one-on-one support helps to make the adoption journey of finding a family much easier.

Birth parents consider:

  1. All types of families (single and married)
  2. Ethnicity of families
  3. Families with or without children
  4. Religion and beliefs of families
  5. Region of the country families live in
  6. Rural and suburban areas
  7. Education and education beliefs
  8. Family income and careers
  9. Health and fitness of families
  10. Recreational activities
  11. Hobbies and interests of families
  12. Beliefs regarding discipline and values
  13. Love and care their child will receive
  14. Working and stay-at-home parents
  15. Families willingness to build a relationship with them
  16. Contact before, during and after placement
  17. And many more, too numerous to list

Along with these considerations and others, birth parents are considering the hopes, dreams and wishes they have for their child.  Birth parents love their children beyond measure and in making an adoption plan have made a conscious effort and decision to find the very best for their child.  They want the things beyond love that they do not feel they can give their child at this time.  Wanting a lifetime of happiness, love and success for their child, leads them to looking for and finding the perfect family.

We are committed to helping birth parents find the family that “leaps off the page” and brings peace and clarity for the future plans of their child.  We believe in choices and options and we complete a significant Outreach search when the right family is not within our current programs.  Finding the right baby for each adoptive family and the perfect family for each birth parent is essential in the happiness and success of each child.  Our one-on-one personalized care is given to each client when they walk through our doors.

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