A common question in adoption is always asking how a certain birth parent was able to find the right adoptive family for their baby.  When unexpected pregnant women search for answers regarding their unplanned pregnancy, they go through a process of deciding what will be best for themselves and their baby.  Many consider all of the possible options available to them whether it is parenting, abortion, foster care or adoption.  Those that find a private adoption agency to help them down this path have the benefit of an adoption counselor who can provide information and access to learning about all of their options including finding families for their baby.

One of the biggest benefits of working with an adoption counselor is learning about adoptive families and how to contact and select the adoptive family that is right.  The adoption counselor not only can provide information on the steps an adoptive family takes in the home study process and becoming approved and cleared to adopt, but can also explain the education an adoptive family receives and how they are prepared to talk with and meet birth parents.

Birth parents often remark about what a valuable asset it is to have an adoption counselor that is “in their corner and advocating for them”.   Many times it is difficult for family and friends that are supportive to be able to provide all of the care and support that is needed to complete an adoption plan.  It is nice to know that with an adoption agency you will have the full-services of an adoption team that can meet all of your needs.   The experience of the adoption professionals both personal and on-the-job provides birth parents with the education, tools and confidence to move forward with the search for the right adoptive family.  Support and guidance will be available from the adoption team for as little or as much is needed depending on your wishes.  Relationships that are created, as the adoptive family is selected are critical to the happiness and well-being of your baby.  We are here to help you and want the very best for you and your baby!


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