Act of Love provides adoption information and services for birth fathers that are seeking support for an adoption plan. Being a part of the adoption plan can help birth fathers move through the process with confidence and support. Planning for your child’s future can allow for a child to have information about their birth father and to know of the love that was given to plan for their future.

In many instances, with the birth mother’s permission, you can be involved with the adoption plan whether you are still in a relationship with the birth mother or not. Each of the services below can be discussed with a caseworker or counselor to meet your needs.Your involvement in the adoption plan can help to bring comfort to the birth mother and her decision to make an adoption plan. Most importantly, know that you have many choices in planning for your child.

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Confidential and Private Services Available

Information on the Adoption Process
A caseworker or counselor will help walk you through the adoption process and the many choices you have in creating an adoption plan. There are many different ways to communicate with the caseworker or counselor. You can text, email, meet in-person, communicate on the phone or through Skype.

How to Discuss Adoption with Your Family
Being able to discuss an unexpected pregnancy and adoption plan with your family can sometimes cause anxiety and uncertainty. With the help of an adoption professional, you can plan how to talk to your family about the pregnancy and your options. You will have the support and understanding of professionals to help guide you as you make the decisions about your baby.

How an Open Adoption Works
The selection of an adoptive family and the communication that continues following your placement of your baby can look different for each birth parent. A caseworker or counselor can help to provide you with the information to make a plan that feels comfortable for you. You and the birth mother may want to select the adoptive family, meet them at the hospital and then receive pictures and letters until your child reaches the age of 18 or you may want the adoption agency to help you and the birth mother select the adoptive family. Some birth parents choose to have continued contact through emails, Skype or visits.The caseworker can assist both birth mom and birth dad to create a plan that meets their needs and that is acceptable to the adoptive parents.

Counseling Prior, During and After
Having professional assistance to prepare for the emotions and feelings involved with an adoption plan as you make your decision, complete the adoption plan and move forward with your life after can help you to have a healthy and positive outlook for your decisions. The goal is always to have you in a safe place to move forward with your life. Your counseling may happen along with the birth mom or you may choose to have your own separate counseling.

How an adoptive family is selected
Many birth parents choose to select their adoptive family. Adoptive families prepare a profile with a letter and photos to help you learn about their family. Viewing the family profiles, talking with them on the phone or meeting them in person will help you to find the right family for your child. Finding the right adoptive family for your child will help you find peace and solace in placing your child for adoption. With the birth mother’s permission, the adoption agency can help you and the birth mother in the process of selecting the adoptive family.

How to Plan for the Hospital
Making a plan for the hospital can help to ease your anxiety and create a positive experience for the birth of your baby. With the birth mother’s permission, you can be a part of that plan. You may choose to have the support of your family, adoptive family and the agency staff or you may just want to have the private time alone at the hospital. Your counselor will help you and the birth mother to compose a plan and you will receive the support of your counselor and caseworker through the entire process.



“I just wanted to thank you for the help you have rendered to my family and I. I am very appreciative of everything you and your staff has done and will do in the future. I will forever be grateful for your services. You have definitely touched my soul and will always be in my heart! The times we have shared are precious and will always be remembered and I will surely recommend A Act of Love to anyone that is in need of a caring staff to help find a deserving child a quality home with loving parents!! Thank you!”
Thankful Birthfather D

“There are no words that could sufficiently and accurately describe how I feel for you guys at Act of Love. It is my feeling that we are blessed to have come to know each other. You helped me find a part of my family, and for that I can never thank you enough.”

“As a birthfather, I will never forget Jaime, Jill and Act of Love Agency. You helped me in a time when I was lost and scared, you helped me feel safe and reassured me that everything would be ok. I appreciate all of what you have done for me. Have a happy new year.”


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