As you consider your plans for adoption, we offer our friendship and support. There is no need to stop enjoying life. We will assist you throughout the adoption process.   Your unselfish decision to give your precious child life will touch many hearts and is a true “Act of Love”.  In planning for your child’s future, you are taking many courageous steps and  showing how deeply you love your baby.  Your “Act of Love” in giving your baby life will bring great joy to a family that is waiting with open arms.

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Our staff has lovingly put together information to assist you.  The daisies throughout our information symbolize friendship and that is what we are all about.  We laugh, cry, work hard together and pass that friendship on to you.   We will respect and support your decisions and assist you with your pregnancy.  Our counselors, coordinators and staff understand that this can be a confusing and emotionally overwhelming time.  We offer full adoption services:  counseling for birth parents and family if needed, housing, living expenses, relocation, medical, financial, legal assistance, and other services related to pregnancy, as well as community and education resources.

As a birth parent, you will have our support.  It is your choice to make a plan that you are comfortable with. We feel you can make the best decision for the placement of your precious child by being informed about your options.  Our staff is not here to make the decisions for you, but to support the decisions you make concerning your adoption.  You can choose your family, level of openness and adoption plan.

Act of Love is an agency that serves and cares for each individual.   We want you to feel welcome and appreciated.  We have the people you can trust.  Always believe in yourself.  We will always be here to support you.  We promise to do our best to ensure an adoption plan that is best for you.  We welcome you with open arms and extend are love and support to you.

With Love and Friendship,
Kathy Kunkel
Founder and CEO

Our staff is very warm, loving and supportive.  Each of us will go the extra mile for you.   We are available 24 hours a day – 7 days a week to help with questions or assist you with your needs.  You can reach Act of Love anytime at: 1-800-835-6360

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