Agency adoptions usually offer private full-services to birth parents and adoptive parents.  Agencies will have already vetted the approved perspective adoptive parents and ensured the families have a current approved home study along with current criminal and child abuse clearances.  Agencies have a variety of adoptive families to accept situations for all babies.  Adoption agencies will have a team to help birth parents to search for a family until the birth parent feels they have found the right family.

 Agency Adoptions

The agency team will also help to initiate the communication of a phone call, meeting or Skype and be present for support and assistance in building a healthy and lasting relationship.  The support of the agency will also be available after the placement to help with communication and any counseling and support the birth parent may need.

Birth Mother Wanting Private Adoption

Help with living expenses and care is facilitated on behalf of the birth parent by the adoption agency. The adoption counselor will help the birth parents to evaluate what their needs are for living, medical and legal assistance and provide necessary transportation and support at the doctor and hospital.

The adoptive agency will help connect with the attorneys that may need to help with the legal parts of the adoption.  In many states, adoption agencies will assist with birth parents relinquishing their rights and the birth parent will not need to go to court.  Adoption agencies work with qualified and experienced attorneys to help ensure the adoption is done properly.

Most private adoption agencies do not use waiting lists and work with clients from all types of families, religions, socioeconomic status, age; among other requirements.   The agency will offer the family profiles that meet the birth parents parameters, as potential adoptive families and help to find a safe and loving home.

Private Adoption

Birth parents and adoptive families will get the one-on-one attention and assistance to cross all of the t’s and dot the i’s for a successful adoption before, during and after.  The counselors and team will be present to provide private and confidential support through the match, birth of the baby, placement and after placement.

Private (Independent Adoptions)

Private adoptions are also referred to in the adoption arena as independent adoptions. Generally, in an independent or private adoption birth mom’s and dad’s work directly with an attorney to complete the legal requirements of the adoption.

Oftentimes, depending on the state laws where the baby is born and the state in which the adoptive family lives, the birth parents will relinquish their custodial rights directly to the adoptive parents.  The revocation of rights may or may not be done in a court of law.

Birth Mother

In some states attorneys can be involved with the matching process and helping birth parents to find adoptive parents.  However, in some states, attorneys are not allowed to be involved with the matching process and bringing adoptive families and birth parents together.

Many birth parents will need to find their own adoptive family and initiate the communication and eventual match.  Birth parents will need to find out if the adoptive family has an approved home study and criminal and child abuse clearances.

Private adoptions typically do not have the same requirements placed on them as an agency adoption regarding the services provided and processing of the adoption. Adoptive parents, depending on the state they live will usually need to have a home study to receive custody of the baby. The adoptive parents will do a great deal of the work and communication in their adoption along with the attorney.

There may or may not be a caseworker involved to help with the communication and planning of the adoption.  Birth parents will need to be active in requesting help with counseling, support, and their needs.

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