More about our family!

Our hope is to grow our family!

5 Things we like to do as a Family…

1). We Love Spending Time Outside: It doesn’t matter what the reason,we love beingoutdoors. We are fortunate to live in a very beautiful part of the country and love to spend our days fishing on the river, running with our dogs on the beach, and hiking the local trails.
2). Our Holiday Traditions: Holidays are a big thing in our household as we love anyreason to celebrate. We have merged our favorite traditions from growing up and love spending time with each other’sfamiliesand friendsduring the holidays.
3). Our passion for traveling: We both love to explore the world that surrounds us.From weekend trips in the US to traveling abroad we love exploring new places.
4). Being Together: It doesn’t matter if we are going to a football game or just spending time at home on the couch, we love the time we are able to spend with one another.
5). Game Nights: We love getting together with friends and having game nights.

A little more About Us…

img_3391Our Future Home – We are in the process of building our home and look forward to filling it with loveand laughter.

stout-divingOur Travels – We love to travel & do activitiestogether. One of our favorites is to scuba dive. Our last two diving adventures were in Tulum, Mexico & theGalapagos Islands.

mcnairwedding171Stephanie’s Family – They are excited to add another person toour family to show them unconditional-love.

img_0782A Part of Our Community – We are both actively involved in our community through attending fundraisers and volunteering a hand whenever we can. Most recently Josh flew to Fiji witha non-profit to bring aid to those in need after a hurricane.

img_6775Josh’s Family – We recently celebrated with Joshua’s entire family the graduation of his younger brother from the Police Academy.

stout_friendsOur Friends – We love spending time with friends and their families. They are all very supportive and excited for us as we add to our family.

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