More about our family!

Our hope is to grow our family!

5 Things we love about our family:

1) We love the closeness we share with each other. We value the love and support of each other and know how special it truly it is to have such a deep love AND friendship.

2) We love talking, laughing and debating about everything and anything. We love to learn and read, and share with each other, with laughing and joking being part of any (most!) conversation.

3) A commitment to helping each other be the best we can be. Being open and honest, even when sometimes that’s difficult, while always being compassionate and supportive of each other’s individuality and desires.

4) Traveling! We love to see amazing known and hidden treasures, and learn about strange, historical or cool things/places not in our daily lives.

5) Our puppies, of course! We both grew up with animals and our dogs are definitely an important part of our family dynamic. The house is fuller and richer because of them.

More About Us

We have been married for 9 years but together for much longer. We met when Rachel was in graduate school getting her first master’s degree and Chris was completing his bachelor’s degree. We knew as soon as we began spending time together, we had the same quirky, dry sense of humor and loved each other’s intellect. Over the time we dated, we took time apart to grow as individuals but always came back to one another. When we married, we were so excited to finally be a family and we always envisioned a house full of children.

We love our life and feel so fortunate to have such a wonderful, supportive family, stable jobs, house of our dreams and two loving, sweet and smart dogs. We’ve both been at our jobs a long time. Rachel works at a university as a student-services administrator and Chris is an operations manager. We took a long time to find the house of our dreams. It’s exactly what we wanted in a country setting on over four acres, but still close to the city. Our town has lots of farms and ballfields, as well as an old-fashioned Main Street. It’s very child-friendly with apple or pumpkin picking, tons of sports, Main Street fairs throughout the year and the top schools in the state. Last but certainly not least, our puppies are Buddy who is our 13 year old Boston Terrier/Lab and Mac who is our 3 year old Dutch Shepard/Lab. Both were adopted and have become close brothers. They love children, are incredibly sweet and gentle, and love being part of the family. They can’t wait to have a baby in the house to snuggle!

Halloween is Chris’ favorite holiday. We love to make our costumes, dress up & go out. Of course, once a little one is in the house, we’ll spend the weeks before making our costumes (which is almost as much fun as wearing them.) Once October 31st arrives, we’ll have an awesome time Trick or Treating as a family.

We love to travel and seeing our beautiful country. Chris has been cross-country a couple times and we’ve visited so many amazing places. This is us in Minnesota at Laura Ingall’s REAL farm! Rachel’s favorite show from childhood is Little House on the Prairie, so we had to see it! Can’t wait to share seeing the amazing places every and anywhere.

We love having our family, friends and all the kids over for our annual BBQ. We have a huge yard, so Chris is giving rides around the yard and being silly. Since the yard is fenced in, the kids have a great time running for hours, playing games and playing with the dogs!

Our most important and favorite thing in the world is being with our family. We have A LOT of fun just being together. This is us with Rachel’s sister and brother, and her dad PHOTOBOMBING! And the other picture is some of the family for Thanksgiving. We host every year and love it. Rachel loves to cook and we feel so blessed to have our family celebration at our house. Our family is so excited for a new baby!

Chris LOVES the Steelers, Rachel LOVES Pittsburgh (it’s where she went to college). Together we LOVE being in Steeler Nation for the game opener every September. It’s like a little bit of heaven on earth. Can’t wait to share the amazing experience with a little one.

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