More about our family!

Our hope is to grow our family.

5 things we love about our family…

1). We love going on hikes.
2.) We love that we have great pets.
3.) We love that our family is able to spend time with each other every Sunday.
4.) We love that we are able to go on fun vacations with each other.
5.) We love having our friends and family over for dinner and games.

Jason’s Favorites things….

Favorite Vacation- San Diego
Favorite Color- Blue
Favorite Food- Nachos from Costa Vida
Favorite Holiday- Christmas
Favorite Movie- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the old one)
Best Thing about Me- I am funny.
Most Important thing to me- My family

Siera’s Favorites things….

Favorite Vacation- San Diego
Favorite Color- Blue and Purple
Favorite Food- Mexican Food
Favorite Holiday- Easter (I can’t wait for our baby to have Easter Egg Hunts!)

schilling-12Jason with our nephews – They loved seeing that “Uncle Jay” was Santa. They are so excited to add a cousin to our family.

schilling-11Siera with Jason’s Grandparents – They are such loving people, and can’t wait to spoil their favorite Grandson’s baby!

schilling-10Jason with his Grandparents and Mom – These people are so excited to add another person to love.

schilling-9Jason and Siera on a vacation to San Diego.

schilling-8Jason and Siera enjoying their time together – We love being with one another, and taking pictures of our adventures. Our baby will live a wonderful life.

schilling-7Jason and Siera at the San Diego Zoo – We can’t wait to take out baby on vacations with us!

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