More about our family!

Our hope is to grow our family.

Things we like to do as a Family…

1). Watch movies. We love to go to the theater as well as hang out at home pop some popcorn and pop in a DVD. We enjoy a good comedy, drama, and action films.
2). Quality time. Just spending time together talking and laughing and enjoying each other’s companionship each day.
3). Playing games. It could be playing a video game together or playing board games with friends. Who doesn’t like a little competition?
4). Being active. Whether it be swimming, biking or hiking in the forest preserve. It’s just another way for us to spend quality time together.
5). We love to travel. In the last four years, we’ve honeymooned in Punta Cana, took the Amtrak cross country to San Francisco, went on a Caribbean cruise, visited family in San Diego, vacationed in Las Vegas and a took few local weekend getaways.

Brian’s Favorites things….

  • Occupation: Customer Service Manager and Project Manager. I’ve been with my company 15 years.
  • Favorite vacation: Caribbean cruise. I love to be able to see multiple countries in one week while enjoying the amenities the ship has to offer.
  • Favorite color: Blue has always been my #1.
  • Favorite food: Hands down Mexican food. Growing up in San Diego has given me a refined taste for Mexican food and I love anything spicy. Chinese is a very close 2nd fave.
  • Favorite activity: I’ve become quite the handyman around the house. I enjoy working on projects and taking on new challenges. We’ve been putting together a nursery and I’ve refinished three pieces of furniture which look fantastic!
  • Best day ever: The day I married Tiffany. I am so blessed to have her in my life.
  • Favorite book: Other than the Bible, anything by Michael Crichton.
  • Favorite movie: I can’t pick just one… Office Space, Batman Begins Trilogy (Christian Bale), I love all the Marvel movies, The Matrix Trilogy.
  • Favorite subject: Math and Computers are my specialty.
  • Favorite team: Chicago Blackhawks & Chicago Cubs.
  • What is your passion: I have been known to get passionate about politics and good food.
  • The best thing about you: I’m a go with the flow kind of guy, very easy going. I leave work at the office and don’t stress out too often. I think my calmness has a positive effect on others around me.
  • Most important thing to you: The health and security of my family.
  • What inspires you: Watching how to videos on YouTube inspire me to take on new projects around the house.
  • Most important person: My Tiffany. She is my heart and I am her rock.
  • Most influential person in your life: My late grandmother. She was one of the few people there for me growing up. She always encouraged me to better myself and built up my self-confidence.

Tiffany’s Favorites things….

  • Occupation: Preschool Teacher.
  • Favorite vacation: The Caribbean Cruise. I love stopping at different places and riding the bobsled in Jamaica.
  • Favorite color: Purple.
  • Favorite food: Pizza, tacos and all Italian.
  • Favorite activity: Swimming. I’d swim every day if I could.
  • Best day ever: My wedding day because I married my best friend and I got to be princess for a day.
  • Favorite book: “It’s not easy being a bunny” by Marilyn Saddler.
  • Favorite movie: Tommy Boy is hilarious. I could watch that all the time. I also love Melissa McCarthy.
  • Favorite subject: Arts and crafts with children. We like to get messy painting.
  • Favorite team: Chicago Bulls… big Michael Jordan fan.
  • What is your passion: Developing the young minds of children.
  • The best thing about you: I’m very in touch with my feelings and can express myself in a positive way.
  • Most important thing to you: My family.
  • What inspires you: Learning new things to apply to my teaching skills.
  • Most important person: I can’t pick just one… my husband and my mom. They both support and encourage me in all aspects of my life. I always have a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on.
  • Most influential person in your life: My mom. She is and has always been there for me. She raised me in a Christian home and taught me to trust in God.

biking-in-san-franciscoBiking in San Francisco

smurfs-for-halloweenSmurfs for Halloween

hiking-the-redwood-forestHiking the redwood forest

go-cubs-goGo Cubs Go!

date-night-at-the-moviesDate night at the movies

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