More about our family!

Our hope is to grow our family.

Things we like to do as a Family…

1). We love. Fiercely. We get things wrong, and we are always learning, but we always love. Our family shows daily acts of adoration to each other, and it makes for a happy home.

2). We are adventurous. We enjoy life. We travel often and experience new and exciting things all the time. We enjoy finding new adventures together.

3). We are loud. A strange thing to love, perhaps, but we are a passionate bunch, and that makes life grand. We acknowledge emotions, validate feelings, enjoy expression, and spend a lot of time at home exploring imagination and creativity.

4). We are service oriented. We work hard to feel compassion and exercise empathy for others. We enjoy serving others and learning about people and circumstances different than our own.

5). We forgive. There may be fighting with all these hot heads, but that means many opportunities for hugs and kisses and forgiveness. In the end, we are best friends.

More information:

JD works as a senior account manager in medical sales, and Monique works part time as a professor of sociology and communications. Eloise and Fiona are in a private school and home school program, and are actively involved in dance, music, and other athletic classes. We live in a culdesac filled with children, so they are often running wild with friends and enjoying the good life. JD loves fishing, golfing, snowboarding, and cliff jumping, and Monique enjoys singing, performing, traveling, and yelling frantically at JD while he cliff jumps. We all enjoy camping together and exploring new places. We are what you might call an activist family, in that we put time and effort into speaking out against things that are hateful and unjust, and so long as circumstances are safe and positive, the girls have been known to ride along with us in wagons, holding signs, as we speak out in favor of love and acceptance for all humans. We are also an animal loving family, with two furry babes that keep us warm and safe at night. We have an incredible extended family, all of whom are praying and hoping and waiting every day along with us that we will be able to welcome a new baby into our family.

Monique and JD Derr

Some of my favorite things…

Family photo: being together makes us happier than anything else in this world. Cheesy, but entirely true.

JD riding the rapids! JD is extremely adventurous and loves the outdoors.

Monique prefers the safety of performing arts! Our children are often involved in music and performances. And in between, we sing and dance through the house.

The children are engaged in various extra curricular activities, from swimming, to dancing, to karate, and musical instrument lessons.

Holidays are always magical in our home. The kids love festivities, and we love all the giggles.

In case it wasn’t clear, we are really wild, goofy, and fun little family!

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