More about our family!

Our hope is to add a new family member.

More About Our Family:

We love to travel, both as a couple, and with our children. We are fortunate to have family spread all over the United States that we get to go and visit. Ari and Amy try to go on adventurous trips without the kids every few years. We usually take our kids to Utah to see their grandparents every Thanksgiving. We love to go there in summer as well, and to travel on vacation to places such as Disney World, San Diego, and San Francisco. We can’t wait to include a daughter in all of our adventures!

Here we are in Prague, and then in Disney World as a whole family.

We are a family that loves holidays and traditions. Halloween is one of our favorites, and we love to have the boys dress up in a group. They actually love it too, and in fact, our oldest son suggested this year’s Harry Potter costumes. We love to go to Halloween carnivals, trick or treat, and enjoy or candy for weeks on end! We can’t wait to include a daughter in our family costumes.

We are lucky enough to get to celebrate both Christian and Jewish holidays. It is double the fun around here in December when we have eight nights of Hanukkah and then Santa comes too! During one week we might go to a party to eat latkes and then go look at Christmas lights in matching pajamas! We do Easter and Passover as well.

At least twice a year we get to see all of Ari’s extended family. We have six nieces and nephews with one more on the way soon. The boys love nothing more than to play for days on end with their cousins in the snow or on scooters. We are so lucky to have such a big loving family

Our home is safe, and comfortable with a pool and a separate side yard. Our boys love to play in the side yard and use their imaginations. They like to swing back there and kick a soccer ball too. We have a baby swing in the garage just waiting to go back on our swing set. We use the pool all summer long to play and be active. We live near many parks and walking trails. We have a four-year-old labradoodle, Dixie, who we love to snuggle and play with. She loves kids and is extremely patient.

We love to go on adventures all over town. On any given week, rain or shine, you will find us at the zoo, the library, the arboretum, the science museum, the children’s theater, the movies, camping, or just at the park with friends. Amy may be a stay at home mom, but we don’t do that much staying home. We love to get out and learn about the world.

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