More about our family!

Our hope is to add a new family member.

5 things we love about our family…

1). We all really enjoy spending time together as a family. We are happy working together in the garden, in the car for long road trips and when spontaneous dance parties break out at home.
2). We love to celebrate! We celebrate holidays, achievements, and the things that make us unique.
3). We have the best extended family and we are happy to live near many of them! Our kids are friends with their cousins and have supportive aunts, uncles and grandparents.
4). We love being married! We have been married for 8 super amazing years. We are best friends with shared values and goals that unify us and make us better parents and people.
5). We love to learn together as a family! We love to read, visit museums, and try new things together.

A little more About Us…

Family Travel: Our family loves to travel, and we have a special weakness for Disney trips. We love the time together and how excited the kids get meeting Disney characters and riding rides. Each one of our kids has been able to have their first trip to Disneyland or Disney World when they were a baby, a tradition started when Kirsten’s parents first took her on her first birthday. We love watching them enjoy the fireworks or meet Mickey for the first time. We look forward to experiencing one of these Disney parks through the eyes of the new little sweetie we add to our family.

School: We are so blessed to live in a great school district. The elementary school our kids attend emphasizes leadership skills and also encourages development in the arts. Above is a picture of Kirsten and Sam at Sam’s spring art show when he won best of show. We love being a part of our children’s education, so Kirsten volunteers at the school weekly. It is so fun to see Sam learning and growing at school! We look forward to encouraging all our kids to work hard in school and to look forward to a college education.

Community: We live in a small community that we adore. It is family friendly; a great place to raise a new child. We have great parks, a splash pad, a rec center with sports opportunities for the kids and movies in the park in the summer. Our community is supportive and friendly and our family enjoys participating in community service activities with our neighbors. Our community hosts a unique event at Halloween time that we never miss called “The Pumpkin Walk”. After we’ve enjoyed the carved and painted pumpkin displays, we can’t resist sticking our faces in all the carnival photo cut-outs.

Family Traditions: We LOVE spending time together as a family and we love our traditions both holiday and weekly. One of our weekly traditions happens every Friday. We always make homemade pizza together and when we are finished we watch a movie together. The kids help Kirsten top the pizza and there is a lot of munching and talking during the process. Cameron brings home popcorn from work and when we have finished our pizza, we cuddle up on the couch with a movie. Lucy is hoping for a new sister who may share her taste in movies.

Hiking: Our family really enjoys being outside. We like to hike, camp, fish, and explore. It is so great to just spend time together without distractions or technology getting in the way. We live by mountains and have plenty of easy access to great hiking spots that are family friendly. Above, Cameron is pictured with Thomas on a hike right behind Cam’s parents house. We also look for opportunities in our travel. Above Lucy and Kirsten are hiking in Southern Utah. We all loved hiking among the red rocks there. We are excited to bring a new baby on our favorite hiking trails.

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