More about our family!

Our hope is to add a new family member.

5 things we love about our family…

1). I love our basement picnics and dance parties. The kids have awesome moves! –Mandy
2). Our family is special because we have lots of friends and family. –Amelia
3). I love Daddy, and Mama, and Amelia and I like to go on dates. –Desmond
4). I love how interested our kids are in trying new things and experiences. –Josh
5). We love adoption and are so excited to have a new baby brother or sister. –All of us

More about us…

Our family just likes to hang out together. We enjoy hiking in these mountains around our house and exploring the area we live in.

Amelia was super excited to get a dragon painted on her face at Disneyland! Traveling is one of our favorite family activities. We like to plan our adventures together as a family and we enjoy choosing activities to do together, places we want to eat, or things we want to check out.

Desmond had a blast (haha!) in ToonTown at Disneyland earlier this year. We can’t wait to have another member of the family to join in the fun!

Josh and Amelia went on a date to see Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone at the symphony. They had a great time! We have monthly dates for one-on-one time with each parent and child and are excited to add a baby to our date night schedule!

We love the beach! Desmond and Amelia love to play all day in the sun, sand, and surf. We can’t wait to add another beach baby to our family.

Amelia took this photo of Josh and Mandy on our annual Polar Express ride to see Santa at the North Pole. We have lots of family traditions that we are looking forward to sharing with a new baby.

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