Some fun times…

Skiing – We go skiing with Nathalie’s family every year around Christmas; usually in the Alps. This is the opportunity for all of us to get together as a family. Uncle Alex & Aunt Aine fly in from Canada and Omi & Papi drive down from France. We love the fresh mountain air, the sound of the snow when skiing and we always look forward to building a snowman. Liam just turned three years old and already loves to ski!

Riding the bike – When the weather gets warm we ride our bikes. We ride around town, to the park, along the waterfront and everywhere in between.

Arts, Music, Food and Travels – We love to explore the latest art, listen to music, discover new restaurants and travel around the world. We want our children to experience different cultures and be curious to explore. Traveling is a big part of our life.

Family and friends – We are extremely fortunate to be surrounded by loving people.

Nathalie’s parents still live in the same house where she grew up, a charming village in France. Her brother, Alex, lives in Canada with his fiancé Aine. Her parents are retired having ran successful businesses of their own, and now love being simply “Omi” and “Papi” to Liam. Her mother, who was a kindergarten teacher, loves to do arts and crafts with Liam and has such an amazing energy to run around with him all day. Alex is a world explorer and can’t wait to take the children hiking, camping and fishing.

Sean’s father passed away last year. He is close with his mother, aunt and uncle who all live close by. His mom loves to be silly with Liam and is the grandma who will do all of the forbidden things (like eating cookies for lunch and skipping the nap).

We also have amazing friends spread all over the world and from every culture. We have met them throughout our life, from childhood up to college, at work and on the playground. Our friends are like family to us. It’s wonderful to have such deep, supportive connections with a group of people that you’ve known for years and can count on (and who can always count on us as well).

We try to see them on a regular basis, on weekends, hosting dinner at our house, having play dates for Liam or welcoming them in our home when they are visiting from abroad. We truly enjoy that Liam is growing up with close friends.

Our home – We love our home. It is a 1900s townhouse updated for the modern life. It consists of a guest apartment on the garden level, and three bedrooms and two and a half baths in the triplex where we live. It also has a beautiful backyard where Nathalie loves to garden and grow fruits and vegetables, Liam loves to run around or jump in his pool, and Sean loves to BBQ.

We live in a wonderful, diverse and family-friendly neighborhood. Everything is pretty much within walking distance, including great schools, farmer’s markets, and fun activities such as music festivals and art exhibitions. On weekends, we love to stroll around town together, stop at the park or playground, pull the stroller up to a restaurant and just enjoy a meal together as a family.

Family Values, Being Happy, Enjoying Life, Having Fun and Love – We want to always encourage our children to be open minded, have a positive outlook on life, explore, be creative, question things and problem solve. We will always look to communicate, explain things, listen carefully, and encourage them to express their feelings and acknowledge those of others. We believe children should always have a safe, warm and loving home, and be in an environment that is nurturing, stimulating and in harmony.

We want to teach our children to be loving, kind and caring individuals and instill in them core values and important life lessons. We want to provide all the financial and emotional support they need to grow up and thrive. We want to show them the world and encourage their dreams but most of all, we want to have fun and enjoy life with them.

We are humbled that you have taken the time to get to know us, and want you to know that we will always speak about you in high regard and with the utmost respect.

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