More about our family!

Our hope is to grow our family!

5 Things we like to do as a Family…

1). We love to go on vacations together and explore new places. California, Hawaii, Florida, Mexico and hopefully the list continues to grow. We are definitely a beach family and our kids love the sand and water. We also love Disneyland and love to see our kids smiles when we are there.
2). We love to go Boating together. It is so nice to get out on the lake and have no distractions. So many fun memories on the lake.
3). We love the Mountains. We enjoy riding up the canyon for an evening drive.
4). We love to support each other in our different activities. We are one another’s greatest cheer leaders.
5). We love to turn the music up and dance and sing together. Our kitchen becomes the dance floor at nights. I love how we can be goofy around each other and love doing it together.

A little more About Us…

Mike – Mike owns his own business. He works hard and has a great team that helps him. When he isn’t working- he is coaching one of the boy’s teams. He is a great coach and loves to help and teach kids. He loves sports, playing golf and gardening.

Torie – (Me) I love being a Mom. That’s what I’ve wanted to do since I was little. I am so grateful I am a Mom and love my family very much. I love cooking, gardening, running, exercising, shopping, decorating and cheering on my kids in their activities.

Cole – Is our oldest and is a great big brother. He is an old soul who loves to help and look after others. He eats, sleeps and breaths baseball. His baseball team just won 1st place in the State baseball tournament. He also plays the piano.

Jayce – Loves to have fun and wants others to be happy. He loves soccer, baseball, soccer, football- you name it, he loves it. He also plays the piano.

Zander – is our little sweet heart. He truly loves people and he’s not afraid to tells them. He loves to make people laugh and has some killer dance moves. He enjoys playing golf and attending school.

Tessa – is our little sugar and spice. She is very sweet and girly, but also very tough and can hold her own. She loves to dance and enjoys doing anything her brothers are doing.

We can’t forget our Dog Jackson. He is a little yorkie and we love him very much.

Mike-Water-SkiingMike Water Skiing – Mike loves to water ski. The kids love to watch their dad and want to be just like him.

Torie-and-TessaTorie and Tessa – We love to go up to the canyon especially in the fall. It is so beautiful. I grew up going to the Mountains with my family. It is one of my favorite places to go.

Cole-PitchingCole Pitching – We spend many hours at the ball park watching the boys do what they love. Cole has a real passion for baseball and loves to pitch.

Jayce-SurfingJayce Surfing – Jayce is just like his daddy. He loves to try new things. He wanted to surf one day while we were at the pool. He spent all day surfing and got really good at it.

Zander-Graduating-from-PreschoolZander Graduating from Preschool – Zander loves school and his friends. He is one of the friendliest kids you will ever meet. Where ever we go- he makes a new friend.

Tessa-with-CinderellaTessa with Cinderella – We just went to Disneyland and Tessa loved all the princesses. We dressed her up as Cinderella and she loved every min. It was just a magical day. She was so happy and excited. A day we will never forget.

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