More about our family!

We’re ready to open our arms and welcome a precious baby into our home.

5 things we love about our family…

1). We love each other! We are best friends, and strive to have an atmosphere of love, peace, and good communication in our home. We can’t wait to share that love with your baby.
2). We love experiencing new cultures! Jared speaks Chinese and has lived abroad in both Taiwan and China. We love trying new foods, going to cultural festivals, and having international visitors at our home.
3). We love holidays! Christmas is our favorite, and we celebrate with our families in a big celebration: delivering cookies, playing board games, making homemade gifts, and snuggling up to watch movies. Birthdays are always special, and come with a homemade cake of your choice!
4). We love to set goals! We’re always making lists of things we hope to achieve. We constantly try to better ourselves, whether that’s through fitness goals, education goals, or faith goals. We’re always working on something exciting! Right now, I have a goal to journal every Sunday and Jared has a goal to run a Spartan Race.
5). We love to learn! We both already have degrees, but Jared wants to complete an MBA and I want to get a graduate degree in Creative Writing. I also took classes in cake decorating and Jared is learning Spanish. We think it’s so important to learn about things that excite you!

Favorite things…

we-love-each-otherWe love each other!- We are best friends. We do everything together, and always have the best time! Here, we took a ski lift into the mountains and spent the day at a festival, eating delicious food, looking at crafts, and enjoying nature. A big part of our love for each other stems from our faith in God. We believe that God brought us together and that He loves and supports us.

we-love-experiencing-new-culturesWe love experiencing new cultures! – Here, we went to the Festival of Colors, a Hindu celebration of Spring. As part of the festival, we threw brightly colored chalk at each other and had a lot of fun! Experiencing other cultures lets us understand and love others more deeply.

we-love-holidaysWe love holidays! – Here, we dressed up as Gru and a minion for our friend’s Halloween party. Don’t worry, Jared’s just pretending to be grumpy for his costume! We look forward to holidays all year, and have a few cherished traditions: going to the pumpkin patch, making hot chocolate, crafting homemade gifts for Christmas, and celebrating the holidays with family.

we-love-to-set-goalsWe love to set goals! – One of our goals was to visit New York City. We saved our money for several months, and then we finally got to go! Here, we went kayaking on the Hudson River. We try to have fun, uplifting experiences, and often set goals to make those happen. We want to teach your baby the importance of pursuing your dreams, no matter how big or small.

we-love-to-learnWe love to learn! – Here, Jared competed in a student business competition and won second place! Afterwards, we celebrated with his team at a restaurant on the water. We value learning as a way to better ourselves and give back to our communities. We want to encourage your baby to learn about everything they want to, whether it’s a sport, a new hobby, or subjects in school.

finallyFinally – We want you to know that your baby will be welcomed into a home where love is always the first priority. Your baby will always know the love you have for them.

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