More about our family!

We really enjoy spending time with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Time with family is full of laughter, games and good food. We have a loving, supportive family and are very fortunate in that.

We built a new home 1 year ago and are excited about our fenced yard that we can play in and BBQ. Our neighborhood is safe and full of kids for Rowan to play with. We have fantastic neighbors and friends.

Our hope is to grow our family!

A little more About us…

About Bre:

Bre enjoys cooking healthy meals for her little family. She enjoys playing the piano, singing, reading, hiking, biking and running. She has started to learn to play the cello and ski with Rowan. She enjoys attending church as a family and providing a religious background for Rowan.

Bre is a Physician Assistant working in family practice. She enjoys getting to know her patients and helping them heal and stay well.

Since Rowan was born, Bre has worked 2 days per week. This has provided for a great balance of time at work and time at home, which has helped to make the days at home more meaningful and patient. She looks forward to having another child that she can love and teach and take on adventures.

About Rowan:

Little Rowan is so full of life and excitement. She loves just about everything she does. She bounces through our adventures with more energy than any of us. She is learning to dance, play the piano and do Tai Kwon Do. She is learning to go “trail biking” with Mom and Dad. She happily goes to school and loves to learn. She has a lot of fun at her after-school program that she attends on the 2 days that Mom works, making new friends and doing projects. She often asks for a brother or sister. She tells us all the ways that she will help to take care of her sibling and how excited she is to play with a sibling. She will be a fantastic big sister.

About Seth:

Seth is an amazing father and Rowan adores her Daddy. He is devoted, loving, involved and will do anything for his family. He often looks for ways to make life better for Bre and Rowan and is looking forward to having another child to give all of these things to as well.

Seth is a great mountain biker. He enjoys camping, hiking, playing the piano, riding his dirt bike, barbecuing and woodworking. He has built several things for our home, including a fun loft bed for Rowan.

Seth is an Escrow Officer and is great at what he does. He has many loyal clients that love his work ethic and personable nature. He is great at making people laugh.

Favorite things…

Cecret Lake fun!

Seth leading Rowan on Grandpa’s horse!

Playing in the ocean in San Diego!

Outdoor concert at Deer Valley!

Hiking Lake Blanche!

Daddy daughter dance!

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