More about our family!

Our hope is to grow our family!

5 things we love about our family…

1). We have a large supportive extended family. We enjoy our time with all of them.
2). We are creative. We love painting and pottery. We like to try new things and we encourage the boys to try new things too.
3). We like to go places together and experience things as a family. We enjoy trips to new places and hiking around the mountains by where we live.
4). We love our home and our beautiful neighborhood. We looked for a long time to find just the right place.
5). We like to be involved with the boys’ activities. The boys have been involved with many teams and clubs from soccer and basketball to fencing and bands. We also enjoy helping them with their homework and science projects. And sometimes the best experiences with the boys are staying home and playing cards or playing on the front lawn.

Favorite things…

FamilyFamily – In 2012, Brian and I got married in the Church I grew up in. It was a beautiful service and from the time we got married we were excited to grow our family.

TraditionTradition – We love doing things with my extended family. Here we’ve dressed up for a toga night in 2013. We know that we have a great support system in place to grow our family. Our extended family would love and cherish another child!

BeachBeach – This picture was taken in 2014, at our Beach “Gang” reunion week. The “Gang” is our group of family and friends that are dear to us. It was the 25th year of going to the same beach for one week in the summer with this wonderful group of people. Through the years the group has grown and grown. We know they would be so excited to welcome one more to the group!

Active lifestyleActive lifestyle – We belong to an awesome Recreation Center in our area. They have so many great activities for all ages. We love to be involved! This is a picture of the mini triathlon we did there! We are excited to have a little one to take to experience other types of activities in our community.

groovy themed 60s nightGroovy themed 60s night – This was from our vacation this summer when we had our own groovy themed 60s night! We can’t wait to include another child in our fun and silly activities. We know that there is more love in our family for a little one and the boys can’t wait to be the big brothers.

Room to growRoom to grow – This was another picture from our summer vacation. We love to go places and experience things together. We are excited to see what this scene will look like with a little one!

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