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5 things we love about Teddy…

1). He has the sweetest temperament. He only cries when he is overly tired or hungry. He loves to coo and laugh when we are silly.
2). He is very observant! He loves to watch us as we walk around the room and loves to watch Daphne, our dog, while she plays with her toys.
3). Teddy is such a good sleeper! He only wakes up once in the night for feeding!
4). He is very strong—he has been able to hold his neck up pretty much since he was born!
5). He loves to go outside! He becomes very calm and wide-eyed when we take him outside. He loves to go on stroller rides or to be carried in the moby wrap when we walk outside.

5 Things I love about Peter

by Brittany
  • Peter is kind and gentle. Peter’s dad has a similar nature. They both have a charm to them that seems to be innately part of their personalities. Peter says that he can’t remember his dad ever raising his voice. Peter has the same nature. He never raises his voice and is calm and patient, which makes him an amazing husband to me and daddy to Teddy.
  • Peter has one of the best work ethics of anyone I know. He is working on his second graduate degree and works very hard to support our family. He always says that it’s not enough to be good—you have to be good for something. Even when he comes home from work or school tired, he is always happy to help me make dinner or play with Teddy or run errands when I need his help.
  • Peter is a lot more daring than I am. He loves to zip line, go water jet packing, surfing, and do other fun/crazy things. I love that he has this side to him and is always up for an adventure!
  • He is one of the smartest people that I know. He read his entire AP Biology book cover to cover when he was in high school. Who does that? Ha ha! He also graduated a year early from high school and attended college that year. I have never met anyone who reads as much as Peter. He is in law school and still manages to read for pleasure way more books than I read. When he is not reading, he is listening to podcasts. He soaks up information and knowledge like a sponge. I love and admire that about him. This side of him enriches our marriage and forges an intellectual connection that we share.
  • I love that Peter serves other people. One of the first things that attracted me to Peter was that he was always helping his friends or people from church move. He will take cookies (he loves to bake) to our neighbors and family members. He also serves me on a daily basis. When I had a foot surgery, he rubbed my foot each night for weeks afterwards. He will bring home flowers for me or write me a thoughtful card or email for no special occasion. He always tells me what a sweet mom I am and is appreciative of all I do. He has a grateful heart. He brought me flowers and a card for Teddy when he turned one week old. I know Peter will be an amazing father to a daughter, because he is so loving to me.

5 Things I love about Brittany

by Peter
  • Brittany is giving. She is constantly thinking about the next thing she can do to help someone or what special gift she can get those she loves. She likes to host people and have them over for dinner, and make friends. She is this way because her family is generous. Whenever they go out to eat with you, they will always fight you over the bill. I know that Brittany will teach generosity to our children because she is so generous.
  • Brittany and I like to do the same things. We enjoy spending slow evenings together watching movies, reading, and lounging around the house. She also likes to have fun things to look forward to, and loves to be planning our next vacation, and I like doing fun things with her. She doesn’t like to miss anything, which means we try to see everything when we go somewhere new. Both of us like to learn and see the world.
  • Brittany never gives up on people. She forgives and loves those that are dear to her. If ever there is discord among her friends or family, she will pray for those in need and do anything she can to help. She has a feeling heart, and expects the best from people.
  • She really knows how to connect with people. One of the first talents that I noticed in her is that she is a good listener and conversationalist. Being a therapist is her call, and it is fun to see how talented she is at that. She has a gift for seeing what people need and helping them make the changes they need to make. It’s also fun watching her connect with our little baby, and making him laugh. She can connect with anyone.
  • She is funny. Brittany comes from a family that appreciates humor. I mean, they will do anything for a laugh. They enjoy practical jokes and going out of their way to be ridiculous if doing so will get a laugh out of you. Sometimes Brittany gets tickled about something and just can’t stop laughing. It’s at those moments that I’m glad I know CPR… just in case she needs a little help, ha ha.





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