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Our hope is to add a new family member to enjoy our crazy and fun life.

5 Things Our Children Love About Our Family…

So we asked our children what their favorite things about our family are. This is what they said:
1. Going on bike rides, hikes in the mountains & in the desert, and fishing. We love to spend time outside.
2. Cuddling with mom and eating popcorn while we watch movies as a family.
3. Playing Legos, video games on the play station, jumping on the trampoline, playing catch, creating origami, playing train tracks & cars, and playing dinosaurs with our brothers.
4. We like spending time with the family learning lessons about the church and being kind. We love how mom and dad teach us about how things work in the world, how to cook, how to shoot a basketball & kick a soccer ball.
5.We love going to our grandpa and grandma’s house and playing with all of our cousins (we have 32 cousins). We also love going to our Grandma Ritza’s house (we’re her only grandchildren) and she spoils us like crazy.

5 Things We Love to Teach Our Children…

We love teaching our children and helping them find confidence and success in life. Teaching them isn’t always easy, but there are few things better in life then seeing the look on their faces when they are able to do something that they’ve worked hard to learn or do. These are our favorite things to teach them:
1. We love teaching them about the things we love to do like drawing, reading fun books, singing, playing piano, basketball, soccer, football, baseball, and impromptu dance parties.
2. We love teaching them about the gospel of Jesus Christ and how important it is to be kind and serve others.
3. We love teaching them about how important family is. We want our boys to be each others best friends and so far it’s working! We also love teaching them how important it is to look out for your brothers and be there for them.
4. We love to teach our children about reading, writing, & arithmetic. Education is important in our home and we love helping them learn how to read and quizzing them on their times tables.
5. We love to teach them about hard work and how to be a contributing member of our family. We do this by having them do their part by helping keeping the house clean and doing their chores. We also give them the option to do extra jobs around the house and yard to earn money. This helps them buy toys and learn how to manage money at a young age.

We love giving them experiences that hopefully they’ll remember fondly when they’re older. Here are a few of the fun things we have done and the fun trips we’ve been on in the last few years.

Here are our boys in front of our home. We are blessed to live in a cozy home that was built in 2001. We have 5 bedrooms and 3 baths. However, we like that our boys have the opportunity to share rooms and have fun giggling at night. Our neighborhood is close to parks, mountains, sporting events and museums. We are fortunate enough to live close to family and friends that enrich our lives everyday. Your little girl will get to join right in on all the fun and love!

This is an action shot of Glen fishing with boys at a pond near our home. I’m pretty sure there is a fish on the line in the picture. While Glen is off teaching the boys how to fish, you will find Kelly under the shade with one of her favorite books.

Hiking and the outdoors are a big part of our everyday life. When the warm weather allows it, you will find us outdoors. Here are some pictures of a family hike we did at a slot canyon in southern Utah. We usually like to take trip to somewhere fun during the spring and fall break from school. This camping trip included a visit to Goblin Valley and a hike up Little Wild Horse Canyon the following day.

This year we were fortunate enough to visit our family in South America. It is important to us for our boys to know their heritage and be proud of it. This picture shows our boys with some of their cousins in Colombia, South America. They are sporting the Colombian soccer jerseys that were a gift from their cousins.

We love spending time with Grandpa! This picture shows grandpa (Glen’s dad) taking Glen & Griff on a horse ride (Griff was afraid to go by himself). Grandpa and Grandma live in small town in Utah with plenty of room for the kids and all the cousins to play until they are worn out.

Here are the kids with a group of their cousins in Island Park, Idaho. Glen’s grandpa built a cabin in Island Park, Idaho (near Yellowstone) and it is a yearly tradition to take a trip up there with a several of Glen’s siblings and their families.

This is Griff up in the mountains with Grandma (Kelly’s mom) playing in the stream and drinking his Capri Sun. Kelly is an only child, so these boys (and hopefully your girl!) are her only grandchildren. As a result, they get spoiled like crazy by her. She and her husband live in a smaller town in Utah and trips there involve lots of time in the mountains and desert having fun.

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