More about our family!

Our hope is to add a new family member to enjoy our crazy and fun life.

5 Things we love about our family…

So we asked our children what their favorite things about our family are. This is what they said:
1. Have fun together – work, play, learn, serve others
2. Love and support each other – to find and develop passions, to experiment, to find courage, to choose the right
3. Celebrate each other and life in general– we are so blessed… why not celebrate! And why not build each other up, in honest ways – rather than tear each other down!
4. Seek adventures –catch wild animals, do action sports, learn a new subject
5. Admit when Austin is way better than we are and knows more than we do – we absolutely love that Austin can run circles around us at Origami and wins every “family bet” related to an Animal fact

Devin’s favorites

  • Vacation: Annual February Family Surf and beach trip to Puerto Rico
  • Activity: Wakeboarding, Waterskiing, jet skiing, surfing, snow skiing, riding dirt bikes, tennis, getting schooled by Austin in Origami (Do I have to choose just one?)
  • Food: Steak
  • Best day ever: Austin’s birth
  • Yardwork: Anything with the tractor, especially clearing the woods
  • Least favorite yardwork: Pulling weeds
  • How I escape: Bike rides with Austin and Lynette
  • Place: Ocean City, NJ beach and boardwalk
  • Movie: Fast and Furious (all of them) and Chasing Mavericks
  • Sport to play: Basketball
  • Sport to watch: Football
  • Type of book: Biography (primarily of entrepreneurs, the Founding Fathers and Abraham Lincoln
  • Type of service: Helping people move
  • Season: Summer
  • Holiday: July 4th
  • Why I love Lynette: She is my exact opposite in the perfect way…oh and she is beautiful
  • Why I love my work: I help large family businesses transition the business from one generation to the next. The people I work with are often stuck/ trapped and don’t see a way forward… I love when we help them regain the joy and excitement of being part of a family business and in their personal life.

Lynette’s favorites

  • Vacation: Annual February Family Surf and beach trip to Puerto Rico
  • Activity: Boating, jet skiing, tennis, taking care of animals, interior design and architecture
  • Food: Steak and fruit
  • Best day ever: Austin’s birth
  • Yardwork: I love all yardwork – planting flowers, clearing out briars and using the tractor
  • Least favorite yardwork: keeping weeds at bay
  • How I escape: Reading and playing with Austin. Bike ride on the boardwalk. Sitting by the pool
  • Place: My backyard and the beach. I also love explore new places
  • Movie: I love all chick flicks. I loved watching any movie with my sweet mother in law
  • Sport to play: Tennis
  • Sport to watch: Football
  • Type of book: Self-help books and biographies
  • Type of service: helping people work through hard times
  • Season: Summer
  • Holiday: Christmas
  • Why I love Devin: Devin is relaxed and carefree. He is the perfect blend of intelligent and a fun loving dad who sometimes prefers to play with the kids than mingle with the “grown up’s.” He is selfless and generous to all.

More about us…

Our hope is to provide our children the same love, support, opportunities, adventures, and faith building experiences that we enjoyed and that we have provided Austin. We believe in helping our children experience these things in their own personal ways by finding and developing their passions.

A sneak peek into our family

Vacation time = fun learning time. We go to the “big city” (NYC) several times per year. We enjoy the museums, parks, and people watching. This picture is of Devin and Austin at the castle in Central Park. We balance trips to the big city with plenty of vacations to our favorite destination type – tropical beaches. We go to Puerto Rico every February, St Thomas or similar island every other Thanksgiving, and Cape Hatteras NC every October. We love beaches because they are the perfect combination of adventure, relaxation, and natural learning while being unplugged from electronics!

Can’t replace quality time. Lynette and Austin spend a lot of time together and have a loving, fun, tender relationship, which this picture captures. This picture was taken at a “Mother’s Tea” at Austin’s preschool.

Fish for dinner. We value the outdoors, family time, adventure, and celebrating success. Austin went fishing with his grandpa and cousins and caught a few really nice trout. If you can’t celebrate that, what can you celebrate?

Action and passion. We were at the beach with friends when we saw a seagull grab a baby shark and try to eat it… unsuccessfully. The seagull dropped the shark on the beach when he realized he couldn’t eat it. While all the adults, including the macho dads, stared at the shark not knowing what to do, Austin ran up and grabbed it! He wanted to touch the shark, but also wanted to protect it and put it back in the water. Austin loves animals and we encourage him to pursue his passions.

Ski trip. We love skiing with family – it is such a fun family activity – and we love the post ski hot chocolate and hot tub too! This picture is of Austin and three of his cousins on the gondola. We had so much fun teaching Austin to ski from the age of 2 and look forward to teaching a future little one to ski.

All hands on deck. Austin is crafty, creative, and loves making things, especially origami, and is very good at it. In this picture, Austin and his grandpa built a birdhouse, which we hung on a tree behind our house.

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