More about our family!

Our hope is to add a new family member to enjoy our crazy and fun life.

5 Things Our Children Love About Our Family…

1. We are loving, caring, and practice compassion for others and ourselves on a daily basis.
2. We can always feel comfortable being ourselves and express how we feel in a nurturing and supportive environment.
3. Our family makes time to have fun and be creative by doing projects, having movie nights, playing games, hiking, boating, camping out, and going on vacations.
4. We find joy by practicing gratitude and working as a team.
5. We are resilient. Through faith and hope we always make it through challenging times together as a family.

About Jenna

  • Occupation – Spanish Teacher
  • Favorite Vacation – Hollywood, Florida
  • Favorite Color – Depends on my mood and what the color is for
  • Favorite Food – Sushi / Soft Pretzels
  • Favorite Activity – Spending time with people I love / Being creative
  • Best Day(s) Ever – Meeting Adam, Having our son Aiden, and hopefully I will have another to add when we get to meet our future son/daughter
  • Favorite Book(s) – Daring Greatly by Dr. Brené Brown / Cajas de Cartón by Francisco Jimenez
  • Favorite Movie(s) – Voces Inocentes / Freedom Writers / Eat, Pray, Love
  • Favorite Subject(s) – Spanish, Psychology, and Literature
  • Favorite Team – Steelers
  • My Passion – Education (I love learning & teaching!)
  • Best thing about me – my sense of humor and I’m always willing to put myself out there and be vulnerable
  • Most important things to me – God, my family, and my friends
  • Most important people in my life – My entire family

About Adam:

  • Occupation – Safety Manager
  • Favorite Vacation – Hollywood, FL
  • Favorite Color – Blue
  • Favorite Food – Chicken Parmesan
  • Favorite Activity – Doing things as a family
  • Best Day(s) Ever – The day I met Jenna, when our son, Aiden was born, and looking into the future, the day we get to complete out family
  • Favorite Book – Playing for Pizza
  • Favorite Movie – Rocky
  • Favorite Subject(s) – Sports and Art
  • Favorite Team – Steelers
  • My Passion – Trying to do my best everyday
  • Best thing about me – I’m resilient
  • Most important things to me – My family and my faith
  • Most important people in my life – My family members

While in Key Largo, Florida on vacation we decided it would be fun to go kayaking. They had different water routes you could take, and we had a blast deciding which way we wanted to go. Afterwards, we cooled off by swimming and eating delicious ice cream. We can’t wait until Aiden has a sibling to share his vacation memories with. He loves looking for seashells with his younger cousins and helping them build sandcastles.

Aiden loves learning about animals, and is especially interested in sea creatures. As parents, we always try our hardest to provide as many great learning opportunities as possible for him. It was amazing to watch Aiden be able to interact so closely with a dolphin. We look forward to providing the same life-enriching experiences to a future child.

We have fun family traditions for every season and holiday. In the fall, we love going to a pumpkin patch. Going on a hayride, racing down giant slides, competing in the pumpkin slinging contest, and enjoying the petting zoo are some of our favorite activities to do while we are there. Our family has done this since Aiden was a baby and it is a place that appeals to children and adults of all ages. We are excited at the thought of being able to make memories and share this tradition with a new member of the family!

Themed birthday parties are our specialty. One year Aiden loved Transformers and Jenna loved finding ideas on Pinterest to transform (no pun intended ) the house into a world where Autobots rule. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends all had a good time. Nothing makes Jenna happier than being able to take what Aiden loves and bring it to life to celebrate his special day. The only thing that would make her happier is if she had another child to plan parties for.

There is nothing Adam enjoys more than being able to grow fruits and vegetables for our family. Through gardening, Adam teaches our son the importance of hard work and responsibility. We enjoy finding new recipes and cooking the fresh produce together. Nothing is more satisfying than eating a meal that came almost entirely from your own garden. We will always make it a priority to teach Aiden and our future child about healthy eating habits and all the amazing things nature can offer us.

Fun day trips to the museum, science center, zoo, or amusement park are great ways to get Aiden together with his cousins. Here he is riding The Whip with his cousin, Ava at a Father’s Day picnic. Our siblings have blessed us with three nieces and three nephews that range in age from one to seven, so there would always be plenty of kids around for a new child to play with. Everyone in our extended family and circle of friends is overjoyed that adoption is providing us with the amazing opportunity to grow our family.

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