More about our family!

Our hope is to add a new family member to enjoy our crazy and fun life.

5 things we love about our family…

1). Our kids are adventurous. We love to do new and fun things.
2). We support one another in our different activities, sports, academics, etc.
3). We have awesome uncles and cousins that always have crazy ideas for us. One uncle built us a zipline over a river! So much fun.
4). We love family time. The kids always ask to visit their grandparents, which usually involves more extended family as we all live close.
5). We’re pretty open about life. There aren’t many topics that we don’t discuss as a family. It isn’t always easy, but we want our kids to know that they can talk to us about anything.

Favorite things….

Kent – Kent’s favorite thing about his occupation is that he gets to be at home and works with Ellie all day. He loves coaching his kids’ athletic teams…those are his “favorite teams”.

Ellie – My favorite thing about life right now is my kids. They have turned into little people with their own personalities, ideas, motivations and plans. They are so much fun and I just love to be with them. I am also very glad that I get to work with Kent every day. Sometimes I like to do yard work. I like to ride my road bicycle. I love lazy days when we don’t have to do anything. 🙂

Kylinn – Kylinn’s job involves serving gourmet waffles. She works in a quaint little place and loves writing on the walls and windows. She loves to play the piano as mentioned in our photos. She is also super artistic, very good at painting and she is so sweet…we just love her. 🙂

Kayden – Kayden loves to play lacrosse, ride wiggle cars down big hills, ride his mountain bike, snowboard, and play the piano. He does really well in school and likes to hang out with his friends.

Braxton – Braxton is a crazy boy. He loves lacrosse…and just playing any sport with his friends. He is a schmoozer…he can talk anyone, especially his mom, into anything if he wants to. He is very soft hearted and would do almost anything to make someone happy.

Bowen – Bowen doesn’t love all sports like his brothers do…but he plays them anyway and he is good at them! His favorites right now are basketball and baseball…mainly because those are not his brothers’ sports. Ha. He wants to be his own person. He is super smart…especially when it comes to computers.

Our all time favorite vacation took place last year when we went to Mexico with our cousins. This trip involved swimming with dolphins, riding zip lines from tower after tower, higher and higher, cave exploring, driving little jeeps, snorkeling, rolling in the waves on the beach, shopping at the crazy flea market, eating tons and swimming even more. We loved it more than we ever would have imagined. We will have a hard time matching it in the future.

KyPianoKyPiano – Kylinn loves to play the piano and is very good at it. She plays out all of her feelings and we love to just sit and listen.

KaydenBikeKayden Bike – Kayden recently broke his hand. In an effort to give him something to do, because he couldn’t play lacrosse, we gave him a downhill bike…in pieces. He and his dad had good times putting it together.

BraxBowBrax Bow – This is Braxton’s first time shooting a bow. He loved it and now wants a bow of his own…of course.

BowenClimbingBowen Climbing – Uncle Rob took us rock climbing. We all had a chance to climb this little route, but Bowen loved it most. This may be his thing.

BoatFamBoat Fam – Crazy faces on a boat. 🙂 …too bad we are missing Brax.

ResortFamSMResort Fam – Our favorite vacation ever. Mexico.


I think the most influential person in the lives of our family is probably my mom…my kids’ grandmother. She is at almost every game, every performance, every important moment in their lives. If they want something, they call Gram…if they are having a hard time, they visit Gram. She is the sweetest, most giving person, and we are so glad to have her in our lives.

We recently experienced a best day ever. We probably have a lot of them, but because this one is recent, it comes to mind. We watched a crazy daredevil team compete in never before seen stunts on rollerblades, scooters, skateboards, bmx bikes and motorcycles. They went off of jumps higher than the stadium we were in and pulled crazy tricks while flying to their landings. It was incredible and our kids LOVED it!

We do a lot of crazy things, and have a lot of good times. Our hope is that our new family addition will just join in with us and will have just as much fun. 🙂

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