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Josh’s Favorites
Kelsie’s Favorites

Josh (written by Kelsie)

I love Josh because of the many good qualities that he has. Josh consistently works to do the best he can in everything he does, whether that be being a good dad to Landon, working, or taking care of family. Currently, Josh is working as an attorney, and is a good provider for our family. He has great hours that allow him to be home often and be involved in our family activities. While Josh is dedicated to working hard, he also loves to play and have fun. He loves to play just about any sport, especially basketball and golf. He also enjoys being in the outdoors, camping, hiking, and 4-wheeling at his family cabin.

Kelsie (written by Josh)

When I first met Kelsie I was immediately attracted to how beautiful she was. As I got to know her, I began to love her for how she made me feel when I was around her and for the person she helped me want to become. Among Kelsie’s many wonderful qualities is her selflessness and her desire to be the best mom she can. Kelsie is able to stay home with our son Landon and enjoys every minute. She works very part time in a salon as a hair stylist which she enjoys because she can do what she loves but also be a stay at home mom. When Kelsie is not working, she loves to spend time with family and friends, be outdoors, and go on family outings. Her greatest desire has always been to become a mother and to love and care for children.


Landon is our cute, crazy two year old. He is very active and is always on the go. However, he also enjoys being able to sit and read books and sing songs. He is such a quick learner. He can count to ten, repeat and say any word, and literally makes us laugh everyday. He also likes going to the kids museum, playing with cousins/friends, and is a big grandma fan. We were blessed beyond measure when we were chosen to adopt him.

Our Families

We have been so blessed to come from two amazing families. Landon, (and our future children) has two sets of grandparents who anxiously love and spoil him. Along with eight sets of aunts and uncles, and 25 cousins whom he LOVES to play with. Both of us coming from families that are very close, we spend a lot of time with our siblings and their children. In addition, both of our families participate in a variety of traditions that always involve a lot of fun and many good memories.

Family Fun

We definitely love to have fun together, and make sure we do so every week. We enjoy going on weekly dates, which often include Landon, but sometimes he gets to have time with grandma and grandpa. We like trying new restaurants, going to the pool, and seeing musical plays at our local theatre. We also like to take family vacations and travel when we can. Last year we were able to take Landon to Hawaii where we all had a blast.

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