Families come in different shapes and sizes. Apart from the average family with a father, mother and “2.5 children”, there are situations that deviate from the norm. This can be a blended family of mixed races or a family with a non-traditional family (single parents, same-sex parents, etc.). However, families are families, no matter where they fall in the spectrum.

Be that as it may, there are situations that may affect the adoption process. For domestic infant adoptions, the main concern of A Act of Love Adoptions is placing the baby in a loving and secure environment, where he can thrive and be assured of his parents’ care (physically, emotionally and psychologically). For those who are adopting, it can be helpful to know these special situations:

  • “Older” parents. Older parents may face the challenges of aging as the child grows up. For instance, if a couple is in their forties when they adopt an infant, they will be in their sixties during the child’s teenage years. Sometimes, the older the prospective parents, the lesser the chances of having a placement for a domestic infant adoption. However, this does not mean that parents who are of a more advanced age can no longer adopt. They can show that with their physical condition, as well as their life expectancy and emotional stability, they can still be great parents. “Older” parents can also consider foster care adoption or international adoption, with an older child.
  • Same-sex couples. With same-sex marriages gaining recognition in all states and laws changing, same-sex couples now have more opportunities to adopt. Research about adoption agencies and situations can be found on-line.
  • Single parents. Most adoption agencies prefer birth parents to select their family and present the families that are interested in the situation. Single parents, as other types of families will be part of this selection depending on the parameters of the birth parents.
  • Applicants with a medical condition. The situation may be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Does the medical condition affect a parent’s physical, emotional or psychological ability to parent? Is he taking medications or undergoing treatment? Do the medications result in drowsiness or other impairments that can hamper his daily routine in caring for the child? Are there are family members and friends they can call in case of emergencies? How does the medical condition affect the parent’s life expectancy? These are the questions that will be considered when the application is evaluated.
    A negative legal record. A DUI or an arrest record can seriously affect an application for adoption depending on the circumstances. During the home study, a through background check will be completed. One’s past does not automatically determine their future aspirations towards building a family. The applicants will need to show what they have done to rectify the past records and discuss the situation with the social work team. There are offenses that will bar the couple from adopting, such as child abuse or spousal violence.
Please note that even if there are no legal restrictions with the adoption, adoption agencies such as A Act of Love may have their own requirements pertaining prospective parents who wish to adopt through the agency.
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