On the eve of Thursday November 13th we received the long awaited call from Act of Love that we had been chosen by a birth mom who wanted to place her one month old baby daughter as soon as possible.  We were suppose to travel out of the country that weekend but were only too glad to cancel those plans to go meet our tiny daughter who was born 2 months premature and had just been released from the hospital.

The next evening we were in California and were presented with baby A by the birth mom.  At first we were told she had chosen not to meet us but then had changed her mind.  It was a profound experience and we were very pleased to have had the opportunity to meet our birth mom.  We think it was good for her to meet us as well so she could see how excited and grateful we were.  A was so tiny weighing in at 4 pounds 11 ounces.  When I was holding her at the hotel waiting for my husband, the new daddy, to get the car, someone passed by and had to look again and asked “is she real?” thinking perhaps I was holding a doll.  Our parental skills were immediately put to the test as A cried a lot, especially at night during the time we spend at the hotel as we were waiting to receive clearance from the adoption agency to travel home.  We were thinking it was colic but looking back we think it was just an adjustment period since she is now a calm and happy baby.  She is thriving now.

Our adoptive parent friends and especially the staff from Act of Love, kept telling us that “your baby is out there” and “the situation will feel right when the time comes.”  Now having our sweet baby we can definitely attest to these comments.  Little did we know that on October 9th our precious baby daughter was born and that our dream was about to be fulfilled.   – Adoptive Parents C & G

If you are in need of new hope to have a family, waiting to welcome a child into your family, contact us today to getting started with the adoption process.  We have adoption situations every day that answer the dreams of adoptive families and birth parents for these precious babies.  Call us at 1-888-767-7740 or schedule a time to come in and meet.  Attend an adoption orientation to learn more about adoption agencies and adoption placements.  Next orientation at Act of Love is scheduled for January 5, 2016. 


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