Common Question:  How long will it take for me to adopt a baby?

The question of how long will it take for me to adopt a baby is likely one of the most common questions that adoption professionals receive.  Ultimately, every adoptive family is longing to have the adoption process complete and a baby in their arms.

Most adoptive parents are hoping that the adoption professional will be able to give them a definitive answer about when they will be able to bring their baby home.  The answer is not a simple answer and depends upon many factors.

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Some Factors to Consider Regarding Wait Time:

  • Have you completed your FBI, criminal and child abuse screenings?  Some states are able to quickly turn around the screenings, while others can take several months.
  • Have you begun the home study process?  Some adoption professionals may have several clients in-front of you.
  • How quickly will you work to complete the required paperwork?  Each adoption professional will have paperwork that is specific to their process.  Completing the paperwork in a timely manner will aid in the amount of time it takes for your file to be approved for adoption.
  • How does your adoption professional reach birth parents searching for adoptive families? What type of advertising is being used and does the professional advertise nationwide and have a large network of other adoption professionals to provide many opportunities to their perspective adoptive parents?
  • What parameters have you set for yourself?  What ethnicity, gender and age of child are you searching for?  What type of children does the adoption professional generally place for adoption?  What is your comfort level with substance use (legal and illegal), history of mental illness and other possible genetic illnesses? Are you open to legal risk adoptions?
  • How many children does the adoption professional you have chosen to work with place yearly?  Finding out details regarding the number and type of placements an adoption professional performs each year will assist you in understanding what your wait time may be.
  • How many perspective adoptive families does the adoption professional or adoption agency work with at any given time?  Some adoption professionals and adoption agencies limit the number of clients they choose to work with, while most do not
  • What does your adoption profile contain?  Have you asked an expert or professional to view the profile that birth parents will view of your family?  
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