Birth parents G & H are seeking adoptive parents for their Caucasian baby girl that was born March 11, 2016, in Utah.  G & H are requesting that Act of Love Adoption Agency present adoptive families to them immediately that would be open to the parameters below.  G & H will first be considering approved full-service adoptive families at Act of Love.

Baby girl is reported to be healthy and will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow.  Her reported APGAR scores are 8 and 9.  Her reported weight was 7lbs and she was 19″ long.  Birth mom reports that she did not have prenatal care and that baby was born vaginally without any complications.  G reports that she did use tobacco during the pregnancy, but did not use any other substances or alcohol.

G & H are searching for a married, heterosexual Utah adoptive family to adopt their baby girl.  They are specifically requesting an adoptive family that lives in Utah.  Birth parents are interested in a family that is willing to have an open adoption.  Birth parents want to meet the adoptive family at placement and discuss future visits with the family.  They are also seeking to exchange emails and possibly phone numbers to remain in contact.  They will want to have frequent letters and pictures exchanged throughout the child’s life.

Available health and social history information will be made available to approved Outreach families.  G reports she has applied for Utah Medicaid with the help of the hospital.  Adoptive family needs to be prepared to cover all medical bills in the event that they will not be covered by Medicaid.  G will need assistance during her post-confinement period for her living expenses.

G & H are currently reviewing profiles and will consider Outreach profiles should they not choose a family within the Act of Love full-service programs. Home study ready families that have Utah agency clearances that would like your profile to be considered, should visit the Outreach page click for Outreach Information. The information on the Outreach page will help to provide instructions for approval and qualification in the AOL Outreach Program.

When you have completed the Application for Services, please scan and email completed packet along with your approved (within 1 year) home study, Utah agency criminal and child abuse clearances and birth parent profile to  Arrangement for the minimal Outreach fee can be made with AOL staff.  There is no commitment in the Outreach Program until you are matched with a birth parent and  the minimal fee provides home study ready families several benefits. Please do not hesitate to call our staff and speak with an adoption professional.

Call to set-up an appointment with an adoption specialist to learn more about the AOL adoption programs.  The AOL staff is available Monday-Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. MST at 801-572-1696 or 1-888-767-7740.  Don’t wait to find out how to become qualified for adoption. You may also email questions to It would be our pleasure to address your adoption needs. All Act of Love situations are presented to full-service adoptive families prior to presenting to Outreach adoptive families.

Act of Love Adoptions is also happy to offer individual domestic adoption services to families and birth parents interested in completing a private adoption, as well as agency assist and full adoption services. A free Adoption Orientation is offered, on the first Tuesday of every month beginning at 7:00 p.m. AOL will hold another Adoption Orientation on April 5, 2016 beginning at 7:00 p.m., at the Sandy adoption agency. Please call and RSVP, if possible.

The orientation offers a casual setting designed to provide educational information to adoptive families considering domestic adoption along with information to experience a successful adoption before, during and after placement. Birth parents and adoptive families will be available to answer questions and share their stories. Call 801-572-1696 to receive further information on the orientation or to schedule a free, private informational appointment with an adoption specialist. AOL looks forward to being able to support you with your adoption needs.

  • Birth parents are constantly looking for adoptive parents.
  • AOL receives situations that need families immediately
  • Get qualified and approved, so you will be ready.
  • Get your Utah agency clearances in place for a Utah agency adoption.
  • Call or send a request for further information to find out more!
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