Birth Mom D is requesting A Act of Love Adoptions to help find a home study ready adoptive family for her 2 year old full Caucasian boy and assist her with and adoption plan. She is seeking a loving, happy, married couple that lives in Utah and is interested to an open adoption plan.

Adoptive Family Requirements:

  • Adoptive family MUST BE FROM UTAH.
  • Stay at home parent.
  • Birth mom wants 4 to 6 visits per year. She wants very open communication to include emails, Skype and phone number exchange.
  • Birth father is not on birth certificate. Paternal rights will be relinquished when birth mom relinquishes.
  • Adoptive Family must be prepared to spend up to 2 weeks in the St. George area while the child is transitioning from birth mom to new adoptive family.

2 year old boy was born in November 2014, birth mom D has indicated that he is healthy and developmentally on track.

Approved AOL profiles are currently being reviewed and will continue to be reviewed until birth mom has selected the adoptive family she feels will be the right family. Adoptive family must be home study approved and ready for placement of the 2 year old.

If interested, contact Act of Love immediately at 1-888-767-7740.

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