Birth Mom H is currently making an adoption plan for her precious baby boy due in August, 2017. Baby boy is full Caucasian. She has requested A Act of Love Adoptions, help in search of an adoptive family to provide a loving home for her baby boy.

Birth mom H has stated that she has been diagnosed as to be high functioning on the autistic spectrum, and had minimal marijuana use throughout the pregnancy. Birth Mom is looking for a semi-open adoption plan.

Baby’s recent check up, at 35 weeks, results show baby boy is healthy and growing at a normal rate and there are no known complications at this time.

All Act of Love adoption situations are presented to full-service adoptive families prior to presenting to Outreach adoptive families.

A Act of Love adoption profiles are currently being reviewed and will continue to be reviewed until birth parents have selected the adoptive family they feel will be the right family. Adoptive
family must be home study approved.

For more information on this adoption situation and requirement please call 801-572-1696 or 1-888-767-7740.

Learn more information on what is required to become an approved outreach family Click Here!

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