Adoptive parents preparing for their adoption can experience some of the same feelings of excitement, anxiety, pressure, concern, worry and fear of  being chosen by a birth parent and anticipation.  These are common feelings and feelings that can be managed and overcome as you work through the adoption process.  Working through each step of the adoption process can seem overwhelming and make it seem like you may never get the process completed, but in the end will greatly benefit your adoption experience.

It is important to take a deep breath and remain focused on the RIGHT situation coming to you.  As you are searching for your birth parents, birth mom’s and birth dad’s are searching for their adoptive family.  Birth parents also have the same fears and concerns as do adoptive families.  Hopefully, the birth parents are receiving adoption counseling from an experienced and loving adoption counselor that can help calm their fears and help them to find their adoptive family.  A full-service adoption agency, like Act of Love Adoptions works with birth parents and adoptive families side by side to work in the best of interest of the child.  Some of the important elements of a successful adoption include:

Being educated and prepared for the adoption process.  Learning about the process as a birth parent and meeting the requirements as an adoptive parent are very important to being prepared for adoption.  Working with an adoption agency that can help make sure you are prepared as possible, will also help ensure a much smoother process when you find a match.  The requirements and process can seem lengthy and unnecessary at the time, but understand the team at AOL has decades of experience in successful adoptions.  Working through each step of the process is important for both birth parents and adoptive parents.

Learning and growing from your counseling and preparation experience.  The steps in the adoption process that Act of Love uses have been put in place to make the process as smooth as possible and to prepare birth parents and adoptive parents for the known and unknown process’ that happen in adoption.  Being prepared for the unknown and unexpected twists and turns of adoption, will make for a happier and more successful experience for everyone involved.

Keeping your eye and attention on what is most important.  The emotions and feelings in adoption can run high.  One minute things may seems wonderful and the next not so much.  Try to look at the whole experience and what you want it to look like in the end.  In the end, having the best interest of the child in mind will help guide your decisions, as well as your feelings and emotions.  The placement of a baby is for a life-time and the relationships that are built for adoptive families and birth parents will be important to your child for a life-time.  Let the small things go and focus on the love, joy and excitement of creating a beautiful life for a child.

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