Salt Lake City Adoption Agency

Looking for a Salt Lake City adoption agency? You are in the right place. We are a Utah licensed agency with over 26 years of experience.

A Act of Love Adoptions

Adoption in Salt Lake City, Utah is a big choice, but no matter where you are in your life, or where you see yourself being many years from now, a Salt Lake City adoption is a right choice. Here are some of our services:

Pregnancy HelpWe offer counseling and support throughout your pregnancy and the adoption process.  Our team is here to listen and answer any questions or concerns you may have about the adoptions process.

Medical HelpAssistance with pregnancy related expenses can be arranged if needed. Depending on the state you live they may include pregnancy delivery expenses, travel costs, housing help, utilities, grocery needs, as well as adoption related legal fees.

Medical HelpWe offer assistance with pregnancy related medical care.  We can assist with travel to doctor visits and with your medical care expenses.

Medical HelpIf you desire to relocate we have safe and comfortable locations.  If you choose to stay in your home state support with housing is also available.  The pregnancy related support you can receive in your home state depends upon your state laws.

Post Placement SupportWe will continue to be there for you after the adoption takes place. Counseling and support is available.  Act of Love will help with communication with the adoptive family after placement.

Why to Choose an Adoption Agency

Children around the world need homes, and if only 1 out of every 800 families who considered adoption in entire United States actually did it, every child without a home would have a family to call their own. If you are in Salt Lake City, Utah, and are considering adoption, you can make a big difference in your own life, as well as the life of the child who joins your family.

Salt Lake City Adoption Agency

Sometimes, Salt Lake City adoptive families feel they need to wait until the right moment to adopt. They want to feel prepared with their decisions because of the unknown .As with birth parents making their decision to place. An adoption in Salt Lake City needn’t be a scary process. That’s why Act of Love Adoptions, located in Utah, creates an environment of safety and ease for those looking to make their family a little bigger.

Where to Start The Adoption Process

A Act of Love Adoptions respects you and your choices. Their staff is trained and experienced in all things to do with adoption in Utah, especially Salt Lake City, ensuring that any time you have a question, you will get an answer.

There’s nothing in the Adoption process in Utah that the team at Act of Love can’t handle. One couple said of their experience in preparing to adopt in America through A Act of Love, “We cannot wait to start a family. Having kids by adoption has always been in our life plan. Our families are eager and looking forward to a future with grandbabies, cousins, nieces, and nephews, while our friends are looking forward to more friends for their kids.

There simply won’t be a shortage of love for [a] baby.” Love is what people need most to flourish in their lives; when people know they belong somewhere, they are less likely to get into crime, or illegal activities. A Salt Lake City adoption creates the environment for children that they need to avoid the pitfalls of life that otherwise they would face.

Another couple said of their experience, “our hearts are pounding with excitement and emotion, mostly because we know exactly how much lives can change because of adoption. Brian was adopted as an infant, and his life was changed in incredible ways because of that. We are so excited to complete our family through adoption.

After our third daughter was born, we knew we wanted one more child. Through many discussions, we felt strongly that adoption was the right way for us to finish our family. It has always been something we have considered and this feels like the most natural way for us to complete our family.”

Taking steps to bring yourself into the world of being an adoptive parent is exciting and wonderous. And A Act of Love will make you feel as comfortable and informed as possible all along the way.

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