Creating Your Hospital Plan

Your adoption counselor will help you create a hospital plan that will help provide the support and environment you wish as you delivery your baby.  It will be important for you to choose how you say hello to your sweet, precious baby and how you choose to place your baby in the loving arms of the adoptive family.

  • You may wish to have the adoptive family at the hospital delivery room or waiting near the nursery.
  • You can decide if you would like the baby in the room with you or if you want to visit at the nursery.
  • You decide if you want an adoption agency support person in the delivery room.
  • You may want your mom, birth father, sister or close friend in the delivery room.
  • You can decide if and when you would like to take pictures of the baby.
  • You will be able to choose the name of the baby that you put on the birth certificate at the hospital.
  • You may decide to choose the name together with the adoptive family.

The time you spend with the adoptive family in the hospital can be a wonderful time of bonding and building a relationship.  You may also choose to spend time with the adoptive family following discharge.  Creating a hospital plan ahead of the delivery will be helpful in preparing yourself and your loved ones for the delivery and helping you to be emotionally prepared for when the baby arrives.  The counseling and support provided by the adoption agency social worker is very helpful for you and can help make the delivery and hospital stay a positive experience.

You will decide how you would like the discharge of the baby to happen.  The discharge of the baby can usually happen with your discharge or you can choose for the adoption agency to discharge the baby with the adoptive family.

The hospital plan will also include when you would like to have the agency social worker complete the relinquishment and consent paperwork.  Generally, the adoption laws in the state where the baby is born and will be placed will help to determine when and how the relinquishment and consent paperwork are done.  Your social worker will help to inform you of the details and provide you with an opportunity to ask questions, so you understand the process.

This plan can be created right away or the pieces may come together as you work through the last days of your pregnancy. Regardless of your decisions, you have the option to make changes to your plan at anytime.  You will have the support of your adoption counselor and agency.

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