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Utah Adoption Agency

Welcome to A Act of Love Adoptions. We are the top-rated adoption agency located in Utah. This is why you should consider us:



We have helped thousands of families and birth parents to make adoption possible. 


26 years of adoption experience. We understand the process and know-how to help our families and birth parents. 



Our dedicated team is available to answer any questions o concern you may have.

We Can Ease The Adoption Process

Adoption is getting more complicated with new regulations. We can help you with the paperwork and make the process faster and simple. 

Utah Adoption Agency

Birth Parent Services

Our goal is to help birth parents in Utah and all around the USA with the support they need. Here are some of the services we provide for birth parents:

Pregnancy HelpWe offer counseling and support throughout your pregnancy and the adoption process.  Our team is here to listen and answer any questions or concerns you may have about the adoptions process.

Medical HelpAssistance with pregnancy related expenses can be arranged if needed. Depending on the state you live they may include pregnancy delivery expenses, travel costs, housing help, utilities, grocery needs, as well as adoption related legal fees.

Medical HelpWe offer assistance with pregnancy related medical care.  We can assist with travel to doctor visits and with your medical care expenses.

Medical HelpIf you desire to relocate we have safe and comfortable locations.  If you choose to stay in your home state support with housing is also available.  The pregnancy related support you can receive in your home state depends upon your state laws.

Post Placement SupportWe will continue to be there for you after the adoption takes place. Counseling and support is available.  Act of Love will help with communication with the adoptive family after placement.

Adoptive Families

Pre-Approved Families

We have many wonderful pre-approved families who are looking to adopt. Click below to see them. 

Adoptive Families Services

OrientationAdoption can be complicated and intimidating. A Act of Love provides hope to families by guiding them through the whole process. We provide an Orientation meeting, where we answer any questions you have. We explain all of the steps of adoption and how A Act of Love will help.

Home Study

A home study is an evaluation done before placement. This evaluation is a simple process where we ensure that all the requirements, to adopt, are met.

We provide home studies and we also accept home studies from other sources. If you have any questions about home studies please let us know.

PlacementAdding a child to your family is our priority. Even though we can’t predict how fast it will happen, our commitment is to help you to find a match. Your needs are our priority.
A Act of Love will help get closer to the dream of growing your family.

SupportWe love what we do. Adoption is not just our job but our mission. We walk the extra mile to help families fulfil their dreams. We provide extensive support every step of the way and we adapt our services to each family’s needs.

Adoption Situations

We work with birth parents that are looking for the right family for their baby. You have the opportunity to see the different outreach situations on our site. We post and update adoption situations every week.


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If you are looking for a Utah Adoption Agency, contact us now. Our headquarters are in Sandy, Utah. We serve birth parents and families all around the country but if you are a located in Utah, you'll have the opportunity to work closely with us. 

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