SkylarYou are brave and courageous and always have been.

“As I was going through the adoption process, there were people who kept telling me how brave and courageous I was for placing my son for adoption. They told me that things will get better, and the hurt that I felt at that time and will feel after placement will lessen over time after this unplanned pregnancy. At the time, I could not appreciate their kind words, but now that I have had time to heal, I fully appreciate their kindness and support.

It is a miraculous thing to finally gain a sense of self-worth. It is miraculous to discover the good inside myself and to see what an amazing woman and mother I am. I am brave. I am courageous. I am loving. I am a wonderful person who has made some bad choices, made difficult decisions, and persevered through those trials.” Skylar

Why me?  One thing birth parents should know:

“Down the road, when you have had time to heal, and you realize what an amazing thing you have done and what an amazing person you are, know that that goodness in you has always been there.

Life is full of challenges, and sometimes we make bad decisions, other times we find ourselves in situations that hurt us, or those close to us. Thankfully, there are situations in life that provide us the opportunity to make the right choice, or a good decision.

I have decided to let my unplanned pregnancy adoption situation be that opportunity. I chose life for my son. I chose to place him for adoption with a family who can give him what I want for him. That was a life-changing decision for me, my son, and our families. I can look back at that period of my life and say with confidence that I was a good person. I was strong, selfless, and brave. Though I have been in the process of discovering that for myself, I realize that it has always been there. I just needed time to process, grieve, and heal in order to see it for myself.” – Skylar


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