Brendan and Maureen



We want to start by expressing our thanks for considering us as adoptive parents. We admire your incredible courage and are committed to honoring your choice by ensuring your child grows in a world filled with love, support, and endless possibilities.

From the outset of our relationship, our most cherished dream has been to welcome a child into our family—to share life's joys and challenges and to provide a nurturing, loving home where they can thrive. Your consideration of us in this profoundly important decision fills us with a sense of responsibility and hope!

We are here to support you, to respect your decisions, and to move forward with openness, and compassion. Together, we hope to build a future filled with love, joy, and shared understanding for your child.

About us:

A modern rom-com story line, our story began on a dating app. We went to the same college, lived in the same city, went to high school and worked with each other’s relatives, but somehow never met! Fate finally had enough of us missing each other. When we finally did, everything just fit. With all these connected moments, it’s no surprise that we meshed. Within weeks, we knew we had finally found our match. We married just over a year after our first date and haven’t looked back. 

Maureen’s patience, sense of humor, and innate desire to support everyone she cares about made a perfect match for Brendan’s adventurous mind, who is always hoping to find something great for everyone to experience. We exercise, go to concerts, and travel as much as we can. Life is a ride filled with moments of joy, challenge, and growth. One of our core beliefs is the importance of finding positivity and learning in every moment—both in the good and bad times.

About Maureen (by Brendan):

Maureen is a very honest and open person. She tries to make everyone in a room feel comfortable and will often put others before herself. She has such warmth and openness about her that she makes new friends everywhere we go. She invests in people and wants the best for everyone and loves to help. I don’t know how she does it; she is an endless source of support and people gravitate to her like no other.

Maureen encourages me in everything I do. Even if it isn’t her cup of tea, she will go with me to shows, listen to a new song, or go for a hike through a park I have on my list. She allows me more than any person in my life to express myself in all ways, even when I don’t make sense. I adore when I see her do the same with children. She loves to be with children, listen to their stories, laugh at their jokes, and shower them with encouragement and praise. I had to prove myself to her niece and nephews more than her siblings and parents! Everyone I know tells me I am lucky to have her, and they are right.

About Brendan (by Maureen):

Brendan is one of the most adventurous and optimistic people I know. He can turn the most mundane activity into a good time. Hi zest for life especially comes alive when he is competing with his nephews in a game of miniature golf, playing DJ at family parties or taking our dog, Teddy, for a hike in the woods. Brendan is very sociable and has an infectious sense of humor. He has a great ability to make sure people are heard and feel understood. He is terrific at helping people work through things, whether emotional or tactical. 

Brendan is the first person his nieces and nephews come to when they want to talk about their new hobby or interest because he jumps right in and shares their excitement, no matter how ‘out there’ it may seem. He loves to be a source of encouragement to children as they explore the world and chart their path. He is so loving and affectionate and I feel so lucky to have found him.

Our promise:

We believe in maintaining a connection that honors where your child comes from, recognizing the love and bravery that guides this journey. Our hope is to foster an environment of openness, where your child knows their story, the love that surrounds them from all sides, and the unique bond that connects us. 

With love,

Brendan and Maureen


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