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Thanks so much for taking the time and energy to read our page. We hope this intro sparks your interest to learn about us more personally through our Profile Book.

From the early stages of our relationship, we talked about our desire to build a family of four (or five), both biologically and through adoption. We wanted to provide a loving family to a child in addition to creating a child on our own. Fast forward to today, the biological plan did not work out due to unforeseen fertility issues. We have experienced much loss but also gained a deeper appreciation for each other and a greater belief in our purpose of building a family.

We recognize the strength and mindfulness it takes for you to choose to give birth and go through this process. For this alone, we hold deep respect and compassion for who you are. Thank you for pursuing adoption. You would be granting us a precious gift that we cannot give to ourselves and filling our wish to give our family to a child. No words can adequately describe the beauty we see in this union.

We guarantee your baby will be unconditionally loved and their wellbeing will forever come first. We will provide stability so he or she can enjoy being a kid. We will give guidance on how to navigate through life with resilience and a sense of humor. We will create an adoption plan that honors your wishes, ensuring your baby learns about his or her roots with support and honesty.

Since the day we met, we became firm believers that destiny brought us together and we have carried faith in it ever since (more on that topic in our Profile Book.) Therefore, our greatest wish for you is to find the family who gives you complete faith in your child's destiny. That you feel a sense of comfort in your decision. We would be honored and straight-up thrilled if we were the family who can give that to you. However, whoever your heart guides you towards, we send encouragement and love along the way.

Xoxo - Michelle & Andrew

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