Donations to A Act of Love Adoptions

A Act of Love Alternative Option Services for Today’s Children is a charitable, non-profit 501(c)(3) adoption agency. As such we have a unique Amazon Smile link that makes it easier to find and support A Act of Love. Our mission is to Serve Children – to help build loving families who share the joy of living and loving together.

Amazon Smiles Donations

Amazon supports charitable organizations and has provided a means for these organizations to
fund raise through Amazon.

Step 1

Click the Button to Go to Our Unique Link

Step 2

Agree to Donate

Step 3

Start Shopping

What does the unique link do?

When an Amazon customer clicks on A Act of Love’s unique like, they skip the process of searching for a charity to support, they are taken and are automatically asked if you would like to support A Act of Love Alternative Options & Services for Today’s Children.

Do you have to click on A Act of Love’s AmazonSmile link every time you shop?

No, once you select A Act of Love, we will receive 0.5% of the price of all your eligible purchases, regardless of whether you use our unique AmazonSmile link to return to the site. We recommend that you BOOKMARK and use our link so you don’t accidentally shop at instead of Only purchases made at are eligible for donations.

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