Traci Adoption Film: I Lived on Parker Avenue

As a family member of an adopted child, I was intrigued to watch the short documentary, I Lived on Parker Avenue. The story is about David Scotton who was adopted at birth and grew up in a loving environment with his parents, grandparents and extended family who loved him dearly.

David loved his life but always wondered about his birth parents, and was curious about how they came to decide on adoption for him.

I Lived on Parker Avenue

Once David graduated from high school and started attending college, he decided he was ready to meet his birth parents. Realizing that this may cause some worried feelings for his adoptive parents and extended family, he writes each one of them a letter and gives it to them to read at a family dinner. Each one tearfully reads his letters of love and gratitude and offer their support of him in his decision to go meet his birth parents.

David decides he would like his adoptive parents to be with him at the meetings but chooses to travel alone to the state where his birthmother and birthfather live. He meets his birth mother first. It is a wonderful reunion as he meets a biological younger sister that instantly takes to him.

His mother tells him of going to an abortion clinic and walking in through protesters shouting things at her. One thing she remembers hearing is your child has ten fingers and ten toes. As she lay on the table, waiting for the doctor, she realizes this baby is alive and deserves a chance.

She then makes the decision she will choose life. She and the birthfather decide on adoption. When David is born, the decision to move forward with adoption was extremely difficult, but both parents felt like it was the best option for their child. The two stayed together and had a daughter and then ended up splitting.

The birthfather’s new wife never knew her husband had a son that was placed for adoption until David asked to meet his father, Brian. Brian had the difficult task of telling his new wife and they welcomed David to their home for the meeting. It went just as well as the meeting with David’s birth mom. Brian expressed what a relief it was to meet David and to have this secret he had been keeping off his shoulders.

This is a beautiful story of adoption, where love is felt throughout this adoption circle. Tears will likely be shed as you watch this story, but it is well worth the emotion and will make you feel good!

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