More about our family!

Our hope is to grow our family!

5 Things we love about our family…

1). We laugh a lot and have a lot of fun!
2). We love to travel to new places!
3). We love to spend time together.
4). We are creative and love to try new things.
5). We are always there to support one another.

A little more About Us…

We love our home and the town that we live in. We both lived in many areas before we met, and we think the place we ended up is pretty perfect.

Christmas with family is always full of love, good food, and fun family traditions.

We enjoy our time on vacation with our extended family.

Our faith is very important to us, and we try to find ways to serve others. We went to help flood victims clean up after the flooding in Baton Rouge, LA.

We love to travel! We love to find new and exciting places to visit.

We love to spend time outdoors camping and relaxing around the campfire.

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