More about our family!

Our hope is to grow our family!

5 Things we like to do as a Family…

1). We admire their support and the way they raised us.
2). They make us laugh.
3). They make us feel confident and secure.
4). We are proud of them and their life accomplishments.
5). We love how they show their love for us in many ways.

A little more About Us…

Marino’s Favorites
  • Marino is an Accountant
  • He Loves to TRAVEL and his favorite vacation was Hawaii

  • Loves DINING OUT
  • He is car enthusiast and loves to watch FORMULA ONE CAR RACES
  • Participates in CHARITY FUNDRAISING to help the community of his local parish
  • Favorite color is BLUE
  • Favorite food is ITALIAN
  • He is a big SOCCER FAN
  • Marino loves to TAKE CARE OF OUR FISH and decorates our aquarium nicely
What makes Marino Happy…

• getting my to do’s list done
• spending time with my family
• coming home from a long day at work and watching a nice movie
• a day without stress and hearing a good joke

Maria’s Favorites
  • Maria is an Accountant and works for a very large Investment/Insurance Company She loves
  • Theme PARTY PLANNING for Family Birthdays
  • SHOPPING with Mom
  • Loves to TRAVEL AND BEACHES – favorite vacation was Italy
  • Favorite color is HOT PINK
  • Loves MATH
  • Favorite food is PASTA
  • Hobby is ARTS & CRAFTS
  • LOVED SCHOOL she was ranked #21 out of 266 students in High School
What makes Maria Happy…

• getting my nails done
• being with friends
• hanging out with my parents and brother and Marino’s Mom
• shopping and going to the town pool with my mom

Making S'moresA Great Day at Hershey Park – We spent the day going on rides and having fun with our friends. Amusement parks brings out the fun side of us. We can’t wait to bring our child with us to join in the fun.

having-fun-at-my-dads-tailor-shopHaving Fun at My Dad’s Tailor Shop – As a child I always looked forward going to work with my Dad and watching him display his talents as a tailor. I am very proud of him and he is like an artist with this trade. Can’t wait for our child to learn to sew with my Dad.

enjoying-my-favorite-toysEnjoying My Favorite Toys – One of Marino’s favorite pass time and passion is anything dealing with cars. He loves to watch car races on television and admiring beautiful automobiles at car shows. His favorite cars are Ferraris. Hope to share this passion with our future child.

fun-day-at-the-beachFun Day at the Beach – We love to go to the beach to enjoy the sun and the waves. It is one of our favorite pass times. We would love to bring our child to the beach and then afterward to the boardwalk to go on rides, play games and eat ice cream.

hanging-out-with-a-cup-of-coffeeHanging Out with a Cup of Coffee – We enjoy entertaining friends and family over coffee and dessert. This is a bonding time for us. It would be great and exciting to have the addition to our family join us and our friends and family.

celebrating-marias-moms-birthdayCelebrating Maria’s Mom’s Birthday – Birthdays are a big thing in our family. This comes from being a strong close knit family on both Marino and Maria’s side. Family is very important to us and we like to celebrate their special day. We know that with our future child we are going to have plenty of parties for him or her to share with family and friends.

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